A silly post but ...

Does anyone get a feeling like there nose is freezing cold ? when  to others it feels warm.Just thought id ask :) My nose feels like it needs its own coat today lol it feels so strange !


Have not experienced this on my nose, but different parts of my body, yes.

Very often I feel like a part of me is freezing cold, and when I ask someone

they say no it feels warm.


Strange world of ms I suppose, take care


Hi samj,

I get it where the tip of my nose on my left side feels numb or tingly...strange.....



I've had it with my wrist!



I suppose at least I’m not the only one then :slight_smile:
It’s been feeling freezing ,well to me anyway , all day . Now it feels like its going down the back of my throat ! Such horrible sensations I hate it :frowning: