A rant about prescriptions

What a day yesterday. Needed to pick up my baclofen prescription yesterday and thought ok since it’s a nice day I’ll b brave and take the pram and both kids. Willow had other ideas. She loves getting dirty first she got hold of my blusher brush the white clothes turned pink. Second change she decided to clean my car wheels with her clothes while I was getting things I needed from the car. So takes the car instead lifts willow out just getting to pharmacy see my sis in Law so turn and hide purely because she hasn’t seen willow since she was 4 weeks old and a present. At birthday and as don’t count. So goes into McKays to hide had I known this would unfold I would have had her in the buggy. She decides to throw a little tantrum because I made her hold my hand. The little madam. She then proceeds to give all the shop assistants a kiss Goes to the chemist, baclofen prescription hasn’t been put down, fuming. But said ok so off I go up to the docs where no I won’t get one as my prescription isn’t due. Explain that I’m about to run out and I’ve only enough until Sunday morning. Get told I get a months supply which i don’t I get 2 weeks. 6 pills x 7 days x 2 is 84. So def 2 weeks plus with having willow I sometimes need one extra at afternoon time. So. Try explaining I do need. And that with the last carry on the pharmacy advance me a strip and I’d had the balance. So I was due to run out. Got told wasn’t her problem and the doctor might sign it but his right not to. Asked If I could see one got told no.asked to make an appointment for Monday got told no. End of conversation. Health visitor stops and asks how we are so she takes me aside explain the situation so If I’m still struggling to to sort it next week to give her a call. And gave me cream for willows bum for nappy rash. So went to mums for a BBQ walked round the corner. Couldn’t find car keys to drive or a dogs lead to walk ghillie round. So half an hour of stress Then cleaning up from BBQ poured the content of tin foil parcel over my cream leather buggy so it turned bright orange. So whilst scrubbing it I proceeded to cry lol though it wasn’t funny at the time. Looking back I kinda am proud I achieved all that. And today I’ve tidied up, did the toy room now I’m going to beg the chemist for baclofen. Apologies for the rant x

Keep fghting for whats yours Em. You`re turning into a Boudica alright. Good for you hun.

luv Pollx

Don’t apologise for the rant, I do it often enough it helps to keep me sane!

You are such a strong woman to get through all that you do! A lesser person would have given up by now!

Boudica is going to have a strong army of women before too long!

Keep strong, and keep updating us on how you’re doing.

My mantra at the moment is that IT’S GOOD TO TALK!

Freckles xxx