A point

The other day when that program was on about PIP on BBC I got angry that they where so stupid to not see the truth…

They said they r checking because of how many people are on DLA compaired to 20 years ago, I say it is because there is a rise in population in this country since 20 years ago.

There has been no help by the goverment that they will give you a house etc etc if you are alone and you must have 2 kids or more not 1… That makes the wrong people have more children. Some of these children are bound to have a disability. So there is bound to be more people…

They are attacking the wrong benefit, You look at some people that are on JSA who just never get off it. To be honest the best way of making people get a job is to let them not have any money as that will make people want a job and work to get one more.

I seen alot of people on JSA who are getting it all and on drugs makes them lazy and become alcoholics. To be honest these people make me cry I think how dare they get it so easy when people like I are put through hell.

I was on Animal care course when I was younger and with someone else was on it with JSA, because I didn’t live at home with my parents, I could not carry on with it as the ESA wont help if hours are past 16 hours a week. She could carry on because she lives with her mum and dad, I feel very upset that they so this.

Sorry I needed a rant x

Rant away hun! Were all seething about these unfair rules. Its like being tied up in a bag and we can`t get out!

luv POllx

rant away,I feel for you so much, you try to do so much and what u get in the end is a load of old B******KS, you feel like you are wasting your time and for what?