A MS Spasm Question

Hi folks the light at the end of my tunnel faded pretty quickly the other night that day i awoke and felt near normal again after hitting the wall 1st day since so i went to our very local bike night only a 6 mile tripe each way so only did 12 miles in total and my wife nearly fainted when i said i would accompany her to her Ladies Darts Meeting so i am sat at the end of the bar and i life my hand up to pour my bottle of water and a spasm hit so hard and fast it took my breath away down the left side of my back side and chest when i finally managed to get my arm back down it shot into my upper arm leaving my froearm to fingers with a very painful pins and needles feeling i tried to get off the stool but i had 1 foot tuck in under the stool bar and couldnt get my left leg up and out of the stool to try and walk out so i had no option but to sit there and wait it was the longest 5-8 mins of my life i think i finally rode the 500yds home from the legion 1 handed parked the bike in our garage and the wife undressed me for bed now 2 days later its back to the dreaded hug both sides my question is , is this normal is this what happens with ms do they hit without warning like this many thanks and again appologies for all the questions

respect sheep

hi sheep

when your ms is active it can and will strike at any moment.

however it won’t always be like this because it likes to play head games, lulling you into a sense of security then wallop!

keep on trying to enjoy a day or evening out because you can’t let it win.

you can swear at it though because that can be therapeutic.

take care

carole x

Sorry sheep, tried to reply but once again the damn forum won’t let me :frowning:

Oh now it’s just taking the Mick!!!

Seems I can only reply with one sentence so here goes… Yes spasms bad, hurt lots, no warning xx Julie xx

Many thanks for trying vinny i got the gist of what you were trying to say lol thanks Carole yep i never knew there were so many different symptoms of this dreaded thing you guys and girls make me more determined to live life to the fulliest as your an insipration to know you all live with this that is ms

Utmost respect sean x

Hi Sheep

Sorry you had such a bad time of it the other day, sometimes if we have an infection or other stuff going on MS takes advantage, the other week I had jaundice, was very sick and my hands were jerking about more than normal. I kept throwing glasses of water across the room, luckily they landed on the carpet so no harm done.

I also find swearing at it does me good.

It can also mean you may have a water infection, it’s a good idea to check that out.

It can be frightening when these things happen. I have been told to up my doses of Baclofen,sometimes it helps but other times it doesn’t, but it does help the hug as well.

I have had bouts of ‘the bad hug’ out of no where, usually when I’ve had a nice day out and felt a little excited or anxious or who knows why.

Anyway hope you are feeling better now.

Wendy x