A. It of a tricky one (for men)

I’m wondering how I go about getting a circumcision on the NHS.

I’ve had MS since 2012, have had my bladder botox’d so can only urinate with ISC’s.

I usually have multiple UTI’s regularly, and I suffered 3rd stage sepsis last year, and thankfully

the NHS saved me, which I’ll be forever grateful. I use convene sheaths at night because of bed wetting, and it’s really

Unhygienic to have foreskin, and was wondering where I stand on getting it removed?

sometimes I have a convene on at night and wake up for a wee after an hour, and need

to remove my convene in order to ISC, and I’m getting through convenes like nobody’s business.

its upsetting me and I need help please.

Thanks x

I saw a Urologist due to regular UTIs and 1 dose of Sepsis (it’s a bugger ain’t it). I used conveens for 7 years. I now have a Supra Pubic Catheter fitted. An absolute godsend so far. Only 1 UTI so feels much better.


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Have you thought about how you are going to self catheterise while you are waiting for the surgical procedure to heal? I’m told that adult circumcision is very painful.



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