A funny! Following a chat about death with 9 year old daughter....!

I’m sure it’s quite normal to wonder about death and our parents.

My daughter came home on Thursday asking things regarding what will happen to her if we, her parents, should both die… I explained about a ‘Will’ and that ours was upstairs in the safe. I told her that both sides of our families would keep in touch but she’d go and live with her aunt & uncle on my husband’s side.

I then thought actually I should ask her.

“Where would you like to go if we die?” “The safe!” came her reply!!

You may remember a chat we had about 5 years ago. I posted it on here at the time. I was in a hurry and putting some jewellery on, very hard when your fingers don’t work…She wanted to play with other pieces I wasn’t wearing. I said she could “have them when I’m dead”. One of those ‘off the cuff’ remakes we make when stressed and in a hurry. A few days later she asked me when I was going to die. Thinking this was because my own mother died when I was 5 and we had been talking about it, I gave a long thought out reply… I then asked why she asked, “Because I want your Jewellery” came her cheerful answer…!

Should I be concerned??!!

Please, don’t think all we talk about is death, we don’t! Their are just studying death at school (Catholic)!!


My favourite “talk” and reply with my daughter was when she was about 7. We often had quite long mum & daughter chats at bedtime and one night she asked me where babies come from. I decided to tell her the truth and gave her a basic, but fairly lengthy explanation (man & woman; love; “special parts”; 9 months; birth). At the end of this, I waited patiently for a response. She was very quiet. I was worried I’d overdone it. Then she said, “So where do computers come from?”



Karen x

Aw these stories are fab. Out of the mouths of babes and all that! My eldest daughter came to me when she was about 8 and asked “I need you to tell me the secret that adults share”!! I was thinking in a quick panic that I wasn’t ready for the sex chat yet. She went on to say “Father Christmas…is he real or not?” Phew! In a questioning round-about way, trying to ensure she already knew, I set about telling her that no he wasn’t. She got very very cross and stomped off shouting “well at least I know fairies are real!”