a dreaded re-assessment

Hi, had a nasty letter this morning…no not re ESA, as i am waiting a reply to my recent claim.

No this is summat else to fret over.

My care package charge is being reviewed. It`s very worrying as I may be asked to contribute…hope I dont.

The letter tells me to list all the expenses caused due to my disability.

I have started the list. I`ll show you it here and ask if anyone has any other ideas I have forgotten, please.

Anyone else going through this too?

My list;

big electricity and gas bills due to;

electric profiling bed, with aircirculating mattress

2 hoists needing constant charging

electric recliner chair

electric wheelchair

washing machine on twice a day

laundry dryer when weather wet

showers once or twice daily

washing and drying of around 6 towels a day

clean bedding needed every day

purchase of extra bed linen and incontinence bed pads

tena pants

moisturisers and sudocreme for skin at risk of pressure sores

change of clothing to be on hand for when bladder/bowel accidents occur (several days a week)

I also will be asked about special diet needs. These are;

fresh fruit and veg for bowels

cranberry juice for recurrent utis

lean meats

Then I am asked about any other exense;

I need to replace washing machine more often than is normal due to over use

Our wet room flooring has been replaced several times. Lounge and bedroom floors gets ruined by wheels and toileting accidents.

Owt else guys?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

do your clothes need replacing more often because you have to launder more frequently? Cost of trips to hospital appointments?

Sara x

The cost of a day out as you need cares with you at all times.

Deasil or petrol and tax insurance of your transport as you cant get out without it.

rep;aicment batteries for wheelchair/ scooter £175.00 a pair.

the cost of your dignaty to be able to live a life as you please.

landscaping of your garden to let you get out and about.

Extra toiletrys as you need to shower more than most,

The heating of the water and the extra cost if you have a water meter.

The cost of respite care to let your hubby have a rest. Transport to and from respite…

i will think of more later take care Barbara.xx

land line phone is a nessicity as needed for emergancys, and to keep in contact with carers B

Oh Poll! As if the ESAand DLA renewals weren’t enough…before you know it we’ll be immediately rejected just because we manage to fill in the forms…

M xx

The cost of heating your home? I know my ms is worse and I’m really stiff if it gets cold and the heating isn’t on. I have it on when most would just put a jumper on or an extra pair of socks. Good luck x

Hi, yeh, I forgot to add that to my list and it is the biggest expense of all. I am cold even when the sun is out and everyone is sweating!

Then when I do warm up and cant function at all, I need an electric fan on all the time.


luv Pollx

Cheers everyone.

I could do without this added stress.

These past few months have and are still being very difficult for me.

Theres the chuffin ESA to worry about, PIP in the not too distant future, my upcoming spc operation, bladder accidents all over the place, nights with little sleep, bowels playing proper silly beggars and now the Direct Payments is joining the lets torture Polly` game.

I know many of you are in bother too.

We`ll fight on…just follow Boudica!

luv Pollx