A complex question.

Can an m.s. brain lesion affect mental health/emotional well-being?

If someone with m.s. is depressed this is put down to the burden of having m.s.

But could it be that an m.s. lesion is actually affecting the part(s) of the brain which affects emotions?

Has a mental illness aver been attributed to the development of brain lesions similar to those pwms have?

This subject is covered a fair bit in the Barts Blog and just type “depression” in the search facility.

“The smallish study below shows that depressive symptoms in pwMS is associated with gray matter loss in the left temporal lobe. The implication is that damage in the neuronal pathways that are linked to this particular area of the brain is associated with depression in MS. This is not surprising. Depression, like all symptoms, must have a neuroanatomical and/or neurophysiological correlate; in other words depression must be linked to malfunctioning of the brain.”


Yes, I would believe that.


I guess the question I’m asking is are there people diagnosed with a mental illness which has been caused by m.s. lesions in parts of the brain which deal with mental health.

There was a programme on the BBC radio The Inflamed Mind, quite interesting. About inflammation and depression. Starts at about 02:20