A collective name check in my new blog

Hi all,

I’ve mentioned the forum in a blog about a benefits cut lobby I went to at Westminster last week. A tight word count stopped me saying a lot more about you all - about how inspiring, determined, supportive, helpful and honest everyone is. This forum has been a a great support for me since I was diagnosed. So, group hug!!!’t-get-cold-feet-lobby-your-mp-about-benefit-cuts

Lots of love​




Well done Bec!


Nice work Bec, but Tories have the compassion gene removed at birth and only care about saving money for their class. I propose we shoot one a week until they change their mind.


Thanks Ben and Whammel. What will the uncompassionate souls do when life bites them and their families in some way and they need support and practical help? It is such magical thinking that ‘hard work’ and ‘the right attitude’ can protect you from being a vulnerable human animal, which is likely to get broken in one way or another.

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Hello Bec,

Thank you for going to such lengths to raise this issue with your MP. It would be a waste of time doing the same with my noble representative. She is a Tory apparatchik who is incapable of straying from the party hymn sheet and showing some humanity.

As for the saintly IDS, he will leave no stone unturned in his feverish and obsessional drive to reduce the benefits budget at any cost. After all we are all benefit scroungers who do not vote Tory anyway, so we don’t count in the Tory worldview. Eventually we will become members of the ‘grey vote’ and we will remember.

Best wishes



Well done I think IDS is actually evil.

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