a bit worried?

i have been referred to a neurologist and am waiting for an appointment- had examinations recently, and what has been ruled out already are Vit B and Folate deficiency, (I am Type 2 Diabetic 12 months +, on metformin) side effects of statins via blood tests, (cholesterol high side of normal) flare up of arthritis of neck via x ray. (minor anyway)

symptoms include numbness which spread from thighs down both legs into my feet over 7-10 days, tingling and strange sensations in soles of feet, numbness in fingers of right hand, very sudden and brief electric shock/vibrations down my lower back and down both legs, (no pain) loss of balance when doing tandem gait test, (no idea what that was for until i looked it up after) swaying when standing still with eyes shut, dizziness, and losing balance randomly and stumbling. over last 2 years i have also become weak in both wrists, and occasionally have almost dropped or tipped things- cups of tea, kettles etc.

i thought maybe peripheral neuropathy due to diabetes, but this often develops over many years and if sugar levels have been poorly managed/high for periods of time-which doesn’t apply to me. my blood sugar levels have been monitored regularly since i had gestational diabetes in the last trimester of pregnancy 26 years ago- diagnosed with type 2 appox 12 months ago, with low dose of metfomin sugar levels are normal. MS has been mentioned as a possibility by GP etc…

just wondered what peoples thoughts/experiences are?

thanks, Isi