A bit of attention seeking - Why not !

YEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ! Its my Birthday today … and someones bought me a hot water bottle & some fence panel paint !

Sod that, im off to the shop for a few beers instead & to enjoy the rest of my day… and to also spend 3 hours trying to hang out the washing

Happy Birthday!

A few beers sounds like a very good idea, enjoy :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Happy birthday I shall hv a glass myself to toast you

Happy Birthday from me. Have a good `un.


Happy birthday Dave Nina x

Happy Birthday Dave, have a lovely day.

Pam x

Happy Birthday Dave…

Enjoy those beers!

Pat x

Happy Birthday Dave

Hilary x

I sent a message earlier wishing you happy Birthday Dave but it has vanished, if it comes back, I haven’t lost the plot there’s just a gremlin active somewhere. The thought was there though. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Dave. I’m enjoying a glass of something nice for you. Al

Happy Birthday Dave - hope you had a lovely day! Teresa xx

Had a great day thanks guys… my 12 yr old twin boys came for an extra sleepover and we all went out for a meal. Now its back to reality & the fence panel paint is still unopened

Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes Hugs to you all x

DDDave now the celebrations are over have you painted that fence???