A bit concerned.

Hi all, I’m a limbo lander. Undiagnosed attack just over a year ago, 2 lesions on brain, diagnosed as transverse myelitis. The past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that both arms (from elbow down) have been a bit juddery when reaching out for things & I have this feeling I want to bend my wrists inwards (strange). When picking things up etc my finger tips are often a bit clumsy hitting things or slightly misjudging things. I’m not classing it as an attack as it seems ongoing (I’m not sure if that’s right or not). Does this mean that the ms is progressing? Maybe I’m being a bit extreme but because I haven’t yet had a clear attack could it be ppms & not rrms. I’m 31 & female.

sorry but don’t second guess anything to do with this nightmare of an illness.

let your gp know so that it gets onto your medical records.

if gp thinks another appointment with neuro is in order he/she may get things moving for you.

that thing with your wrists feeling like they want to bend inwards could be hypermobility.

i had this problem with my legs. maybe you need to be seen by a physio?

for now, rest often, eat well and try to stay positive (although its hard i know)

carole x

Attacks can last many months so it’s too early to know if whatever’s going is an attack or permanent/progression. Whatever it is, do tell your neuro / MS nurse (or your GP to ask him/her to let the neuro know). Get it checked out with your GP too - there’s always a chance that it’s something unrelated.

Karen x

My doctor wrote to my neurologist about 8weeks ago not heard anything yet. He was asking for me to possibly ask to see someone else cause I’m not happy with answers I have been given. Am I barking up the wrong tree to be thinking I didn’t get a diagnosis a year ago & could now be thinking about ppms & not rrms? Panicking a bit.