A bit cheesed off.....

Just now, I’m very cheesed off . I’ll soon pull myself to get her but I’m sick of fighting!

I’m sick of the daily struggle to do the things I used to take for granted. Showering, dressing, everything really. I can’t live independently.

I’m cheesed off that I am just expected to accept there’s no cure, there’s no treatment, and there’s no support or help with anything.

I had to fight for DLA, no doubt I’ll have the same problem when I have to apply for PIP, and I’m dreading it. I had to fight for a blue badge.

I don’t have a neurologist or MS nurse. I’ve been refused social services assessment.

I’m doing my best, but I’m losing the battle.

i was told nine years ago my MS was mild and it would be many years before I needed a wheelchair. I bought a wheelchair soon after that. My deterioration is steady and shows no sign of slowing or stopping.

I look well though, I’m sure people think I’m a fraud. They’ve no idea how rotten things are.

Rant over. I’ll cheer up soon!

I know, all of the above. It’s so not fair. This horrible MS thing. I don’t want to minimise your pi**edoffness … So I wont. There comes a time in all our lives that we have to be able to complain loudly and vociferously. (Then get over it but I won’t go there now!)

Have a non-judgemental, non-patronising, comforting hug.


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Hi Flowerpot

This has been one of my really bad days for pain. I’ve spent most of it on here, distracting myself or cat napping.

I don’t have a neuro or MS nurse either, so I know what you mean about lack of support. It makes me very angry.

My husband and I are just in the process of selling our flat and considering retirement properties with support. I don’t know how my PPMS will work out for me. I do know I couldn’t manage on my own, if anything happened to my husband…I try not to think about it.

I’m surprised you can’t get some sort of a carers assessment, that doesn’t seem right. Or is it to do with finances.

Hope you feel a little more like your old self soon


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Bumping you back up flowerpot

How are you feeling today?