9-10 month waiting list to see a neuro?

Hi all,

I’m completely freaking out! I was just told that the waiting list to see a neuro is 9-10 MONTHS! I honestly can’t believe it! I’ve already been having trouble walking for months, it’s another YEAR until somebody will do something about that? The worst thing is that the number just keeps going up and up every time I call the appointment desk at the local hospital…from week to 2 months to now 9-10 months! I can probably live that long without knowing what’s wrong with me, but I can’t walk properly and am in huge pain because my back keeps tensing up! Is this going to be another year of doctors handing me iboprofen as if that changes anything?

Wow that’s a long time. The average seems to be about 3 months. I would just keep ringing them up and ask to be put on the list for a cancellation. Hope it gets sped up for you


Does anyone know if it’s possible to be referred to different towns/counties where waiting times are not this long?

Hi mj, you can be referred to any hospital anywhere in the country… so it is worth going back to the GP and asking for another referral.

Also, a letter from the GP can get you a quicker referal. When I had problems with my gall bladder about 10 years ago, my daughter-in-law who works in the NHS told me to go back to GP and ask him to write to consultant and say I was taking days off work due to pain. I did and it worked. I got a quick appointment.

So have a chat with the GP about both the above options.

Hope you get an appointment soon, that is really far too long to wait.

Pat x

Thanks Pat, that’s really helpful advice. I already made an appointment with my GP for next week. She’s been incredibly helpful and sympathetic so far. And at the very least, she may be able to prescribe something stronger for the balance/back pain…

Hi, when my problems began, back in the late 90`s, I was told there was a 10 month waiting list to see a neuro. i thought there were new guidlines reducing that waiting time. I didnt want to wait so went private and paid around £180 for a consultation. Then I went onto the NHS and saw the same neuro later.

But as Pat says, you can now go to a different hospital if you like.

Hopefully you will be seen sooner.

luv Pollxx

Thank you! After the initial shock, lots of tears and ringing up other hospitals near me, I realized that the guy at the appointments desk never actually told me when MY appointment was, just general waiting list times. Here’s hoping I’m not at the bottom of that list. Hopefully my GP will be able to do something… just anything. But I still can’t believe it’s this long!