8 weeks!!

It’s 8 weeks on Thursday since i had my lumbar puncture and the neurologist said i would get the results in about 4 weeks. I have rang his secretary twice and she has chased them up but i still haven’t had the results. Why does it take so long? The last time i rang was over a week ago and 1 test still wasn’t back, surely it doesn’t take that long. I am just hoping it hasn’t got lost and i have to do it again

:frowning: so annoying. Hope you hear soon Axx

Have you tried GP? Sometimes they get sent copies of test results. If not then maybe GP could chase it up too?

Oh crikey, Zipster…that’s far too long to be waiting.

I think Birdlady has the right idea…the GP may have had a copy of the results, and if not can chase for you.

Really hope you get them soon xx

I’ve got a funny feeling that LP ones do take an age, that’s just from reading stuff on here…

Sonia x

Mine was 6 weeks Gray

Like someone else said, ask your GP if he/she has heard anything.