8 months of frustration

Last may both my legs went numb,saw a neurologist mid july,he said he’d send me for a lumbar puncture,since i’ve had 3 mri scans,saw neurologist again in november i was told i may have ms or a vitamin d deficiency,i’m still waiting for a lumbar puncture,my gp has told me vitamin d deficiency possibility was a red herring,what do i do,leg numbness is driving me mad,anyone else had similar problems,also for the past six years i’ve been a full time carer for my mother who suffered from alzheimers,she passed away on new years eve,my head is in turmoil over my future working life,i’m constantly exhausted,legs are weak,anybody got any advice.

So sorry to hear you are having a hard time, I’m still in limbo myself i suffer with the weak legs, its awful playing the waiting game and not knowing what is wrong. I hope you get the answers soon, and as as you can see there is a lot of support on this forum. I’m sorry to hear about you Mum even when it expected its very sad when we lose them.

Take care Michelle x


sorry that you are stuck in limbo but at east the neuro said ms was a possibility so he should feel obliged to follow it through.

sorry about your mum too.

a word of advice - try to stop feeling so stressed.

take time out for yourself - the world won’t stop turning.

if you’re feeling exhausted, get some rest!

your future working life can wait until you’re well enough to do it.

don’t mean to sound glib but i feel like i’ve been in your situation and beyond!

carole x