6 months after 1st Campath/Alemtuzimab treatment

Hi Everyone,

I had my first Campath infusion in December after failing on Beta Feron, Copaxone, LDN and Tysabri over the 7 years since my dx. Finally something has worked and I feel amazing. Better than I have felt in years.

I was hoping there would be someone on the forum who has gone down the Campath route that might shed some light on a couple of very small but annoying things going on since the treatment.

I have gained over a stone - Thyroid has been checked and is normal. My eating habits haven’t changed, in fact have gotten better and I just cant seem to shift if. Neuro said he would investigate, could be an immune response he thinks but doesn’t know. Also I have had a huge amount of hair loss…up to a 3rd and still falling!

Considering I have gone from 6 relapses in a year to none and feel like a teenager again energy wise I shouldn’t really be complaining but the weight is starting to get me down! I cant fit into any of my clothes and just feel bloated all the time.

If anyone could shed some light id really appriciate it.

All the best


Glad to hear Campath is working well for you.Try sending a PM to eks on this thread if you have any specific questions.

Thanks for that, have sent a message.