6 month neuro checkup

my first meeting with my neurologist since starting on tysabri is in a couple of weeks, my first 6month checkup, what does it entail?? what is likely to happen???

Hi Cww,

I don’t know if you will have any more extensive check-up than the norm, because you are on Tysabri, but my last “routine” appointment lasted literally less than two minutes, and was a complete waste of time.

I came out so quickly, the receptionist thought we’d argued or something! She asked if everything was OK.

My neuro wasn’t rude or anything, but I’m not on treatment, and didn’t want to start any. We didn’t really have anything else to discuss: no new problems on my side, and no concerns he wanted to raise with me.

So it was a case of: “Sorry to have brought you in just for this. Bye bye, and see you in a year”.

Definitely no physical exam, and very little chat.

I don’t know if you’ll be pleased or disappointed to hear this.

I suppose a lot depends on how much you’ve got to discuss, yourself. As you are on treatment, presumably he’ll want to discuss how that’s been going for you, and whether there are any problems. If you’ve had a recent MRI to check how well it’s working, I assume he’ll want to share that with you, as well.


thanks tina, i assume it will be a lot of questions about how im doing like u say, but i havent had an mri since before i was diagnosed, and not since i was put on tysabri, guess im just wondering if i should be prepared to be put through and mri again


I had an MRI just before starting tysabri and my consultant said he would want another one after a year. The 6 month check up was the same as any other one I’ve had, a chat about how I’m doing or any problems I need help with and a quick physical exam to check my balance, strength etc and to see if I’ve got better or worse since the last time.