5 years in

When I was first diagnosed I was told the first 5 years from diagnosis is a good marker of how things may be, is this still the case?



Hi Tracey

I don’t think it’s ever been proved that 5 years in is a marker of future progression. The trouble with MS is that it’s different for everyone, so what I was like at 5 years and what I’m like now bears no relation to where you might be at 5 years and 20 years.

Plus, many people can’t be certain when their MS began, so when do they start counting from?

And when you factor DMDs into the equation, it confuses things still further. If I have a DMD that suits me and stops relapses, then I may be in quite a different place to a person who either does not, or cannot, take an effective DMD.

So from a purely non scientific basis, just from common sense, I would say no. But of course I’m happy to be proved wrong.


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That’s an interesting theory, I’m not sure if I fit it completely; or prove it entirely wrong!

See hindsight tells me my first relapse was May 2008, and I went on my merry way, ignoring these strange episodes of numbness that would crop up every 6 months to a year or so. Until Christmas 2012 when the MS seemed to think, “try ignoring THIS!”, and really cranked things up.

So 5 and a half years from the first relapse things got markedly worse for me.

I have read that too. I do think there is some evidence the less relapses you have in the first 5 years is associated with a better disease course. Best not to get complacent though. I choose Lemtrada despite my MS being quiet since diagnosis. I don’t want to take any chances while the beast sleeps.

I cant see any truth in this theory, my ms started off very mild and i want 8 years with no relapses.

But then it all changed with one big relapse in 2006 and i very quickly went downhill after that.