30 something mum of 2


are there any other mums with young children who have been diagnosed with rrms?

I wondered what you’re experiences have been like? I was diagnosed in February 2012 and have been able to still work, live as normal but feel isolated by carrying this ‘secret’ … I don’t feel ready to share my diagnosis as I am a private person in general.

Would love to know I’m not the only one who’s like this!?!?


Hi, there is a closed group on Facebook called muMs which is aimed a ladies with children or who are planning children. It’s a closed group so anything you post is only visible to others in the group. Don’t know if you’re a Facebook user but it might be worth a look. There are a couple of other closed ms groups on Facebook too but this one is aimed specifically at mums so may be just what you’re looking for.

A M xxxxxx

Hi, I’m not a young mum anymore, but when I had my first MS symptom I was 28/29 with 2 young boys. I was eventually dx with RRMS in my early 30’s. I’m quite a private person too, but I did find that being open with people made my life much easier & I then I was able to ask for help if needed. Maybe you’d feel better if you shared your ‘secret’? My MS wasn’t noticeable to others until my late 40’s when it became SPMS, but I was really pleased that people close to me were aware of my problems

Rosina x

I too am a young mum - well 35 with 3 children. My eldest knows I have MS (he is nearly 11) but I don’t think the other 2 would quite understand (7 and 4). I work too and was only recently diagnosed I am planning to tell work as soon as I go back in 2 weeks (am a teacher) as I would not feel comfortable keeping it a secret x x my neuro thinks I have SPMS though so some of my symptoms are noticeable x x you need to do what is right for you but I find being open has meant people have been very supportive.

Stacey x x x