3 of the hardest things i do........

hiya all

as the title says! but i am not referring to the biggies like getting dressed and making myself understood as thats just the way life is now but things that most able bodied folk will find fairly easy and think it should be ok for me…

  1. brush my teeth (thats with an electric brush)

  2. prepare and eat toast (often suggested when my intake is poor but its so difficult)

  3. prepare kiwi to eat (see above!)

thanks for reading, i feel better after getting that out my system!



am in better fettle this morning folks! 11yr old nephew coming to spend the day with me


Morning Ellie,

My 3 hardest things are -

  1. Walking down the drive to the car. It’s all of fifteen steps even for me. But it’s quite a steep slope, which I hadn’t noticed before MS, even though we’d lived here for 30 years before I was diagnosed!

  2. Hoovering downstairs. Takes a whole morning. Unfortunately we don’t live in a mansion, just a standard semi.

  3. Queuing. I can’t stand for more than a minute. I fold in half.

Have a lovely day with you nephew x

thanks ang

i remember the days of queuing however now i just wait in my chair! i had had 3 folk-seperately!- fall onto me! their phone was more important then watching where they were going!!! eejits!

ellie x

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ah ellie,

it makes me mad when able bodied don’t look where they’re going.

i hope i wasn’t like that before ms but i can’t remember due to pigging ms!

so that’s two of the hardest things i have to do - keep my temper in check and remember things.

carole x

Hi Ellie

My 3 of the hardest things I do is:

  • Make a cup of tea,
  • Exercise, like I was told to, by my physiotherapist,
  • Not to behave like a child when my wife does her best to help me.

I hope you and your nephew will have a great day together.


These things annoy my hubby, not me!

my singing

my talking

my snoring…well he used to!


Funny that Polls. I just ordered a sort of mouth piece thingy from Amazon today, in the hopes that it will stop my snoring! Hubby is almost ready to suffocate me with the pillow at this stage.

Hardest for me to do…

  • Pull my tops/t-shirts down my body. The back tends to roll and get stuck across my shoulder blades.
  • Carry a cup of coffee/tea from the kitchen to another room. It sloshes around and I either get burned fingers or end up with half a cup.
  • Cut my food sometimes. Picking a slice of pizza up with fingers is okay, but to try this with a steak or a chop might be considered unmannerly!

actually poppy it was once considered manners to pick up a chop with your fingers.

so really if manners doesn’t have the good manners to be consistent, we should pay them no regard.

carole x

My latest dentist is the first to acknowledge that MS can affect how easy it is for me to clean my teeth. I have an appointment in two weeks. She wants me to bring my toothbrush along so she can see how I brush my teeth and suggest improvements to my technique.

I also have difficulty exercising the way my physiotherapist recommended. She wanted me to do exercises to strengthen my core muscles but most of them are floor exercises. I have trouble getting down on to the floor and even more trouble getting back up again. I’m thinking of getting a folding exercise bike. The neuro-physiotherapist who I see for FES therapy says it may help to improve my ankle movement. I’m more likely to spend time on an exercise bike than doing floor exercises.

hey all

i have ‘enjoyed’ reading your replys-thanks.

cd-floor? no chance! ballet bar or kitchen unit for me. hope u find something that u enjoy.




am in better fettle this morning folks! 11yr old nephew coming to spend the day with me smiley


‘fettle’ tha must be a Yorkshire lass using that word???

Forgot to mention one advantage of an exercise bike. I can balance my Kindle on the handlebars and read while I exercise. I couldn’t do that when I used to go for a walk every day! In fact, there aren’t many forms of exercise where you can read at the same time (I’ve been advised not to use walking as my daily exercise - my FES neuro-physiotherapist says weight-bearing exercise won’t help my foot drop).

hiya krak

sorry-didnt see ur reply!

nah, scottish lass!