21 and unsure

I’ve recently been referred to the neurologist after seeing my GP.

Ive been suffering with dizziness since September, and it was mainly put down to anxiety. The GP sent me for an MRI scan to be on the safe side, and on it they found lesions in my inner ear, with a ‘gliosis’. The GP was reluctant to speculate and referred me to a neurologist (which I’m currently waiting for an appointment) but I did ask the GP if it could be MS, and he said it could. Although I’m aware MS isn’t genetic, my maternal grandmother has it, and I’m also female (which I hear both increases my chances).

I’m a little bit in limbo at the moment and not sure what to think. Has anyone heard of anything like this before? or got any tips on keeping the worrying at bay? I know it might be nothing but part of me can’t help but worry.

Thanks in advance


You should keep in your mind that a GP isn’t qualified to diagnose MS, or any other neurological disease or disorder. If you ask a straight question like ‘could it be MS?’ the GP is right of course to say, yes it could be. But that doesn’t mean it’s any more likely than another disorder.

You really have a wait now to see a neurologist who will look at your MRI scan, do a physical neurological examination and maybe order more tests; possibly a further MRI, a lumbar puncture and an evoked potentials test.

You are right that there is the possibility of a genetic component, but see for more information about risk factors depending on which relatives have MS. Also, more women than men get MS. But also, typically 21 is very young to develop MS. It’s not unknown for people to be even younger, but more usually people aged 30 plus are diagnosed with MS.

The time spent in Limbo is not pleasant. It can take months to get answers to your questions and worries. Try as best you can to put the fear from your mind. But feel free to come back here for help and support.