1st avonex injection seems to have made things worse

Good morning, Has anyone else had horrible side effects with Avonex? I injected for first time on Monday evening, felt rubbish all day yesterday, which I expected, but today my eyes are still itchy and swollen and more worryingly my right leg just gave way on me. I’ve never had any issues with legs…it’s always been arms and eyes. Is it just unlucky or due to injection. Would be interested in other’s experiences. Thank you Emma

Hi Emma, I can relate to this entirely… I was diagnosed with RRMS 11 years ago and avonex was my first DMD of choice. The first injection I did was awful, I was shaking all over, temperature soared up and down, could barely walk and the headache I had was agony. But after taking lots of painkillers, the next day I was on a trampoline at a family Party! It never happened again after that but I still got the headaches quite bad. I was on avonex for about 3 months then I switched meds as my ms wouldn’t settle down. Ross


I had to take paracetamol half an hour before the injection and for the rest of the day. The next day was better but i sometimes had to take it as well. Make sure you take the pen out of the fridge for an hour before you are due to inject.

Good luck, I do remember feeling awful after my first one, it did get easier, I hope it does for you too.



I was on Avonex for a year and I’d get flu symptoms the day after every time.

im now on Tecfedira and apart from flushing much better