10 years post diagnosis, now lumbar puncture??

hi everyone,

hope youve all been okay since i was last here(many many moons ago)?

i was diagnosed a decade ago and had a brief fling with inteferons which i found hard to tolerate so got dumped by my neuro a few years ago. i was monitored by ms nurses until a rather nasty relapse at easter. i was re-referred to a neurologist who i met today. He was a very nice chap but he wants me to have an LP but i now can’t work out why?

The original neuro I saw was happy to diagnose off the back of symptoms and MRI and I queried this with the new neuro who isnt querying the diagnosis but kind of side stepped the question of why I needed one? Can anyone explain why i would need one if he is happy with diagnosis?

He is also reccomending tecfedera or tysbari, has anyone got any views on these,

all info gratefully received as i’ve been ignoring all things ms related for too long.Ignorance (or denial) can sometimes be bliss but now need to get clued up again :slight_smile:

hi hobbit

i remember your name, i used to be carole58.

no idea why you need a lumbar puncture other than tysabri is one of the big guns so maybe they are doing a bit of research.

you will need blood tests before each transfusion.

i don’t know anyone who has used tecfidera so can’t advise.

good luck, at least it looks like they are taking your latest relapse seriously.

carole x

Hello hobbit

I’m glad you like this new neuro. However, you are consenting to an invasive procedure, so you require a full explanation of why a LP is required.

My advice is to contact his secretary and ask if you can speak to him.

Good luck


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carole58 to pigpen is quite a change, is there a story there?

thanks blossom, I will contact him if there is no rational explanation i his follow up letter to GP.

i just cant fathom why i would need an LP as i thought that they were primarily diagnostic.

If after the explanation, you don’t wish to have a LP then say no. It’s your body and you make the decision. X


pigpen was my cat.

he met a van on the busy main road where we live.

splat! i was heartbroken and i like to remember him.

carole x

ohhh! poor pigpen. Those little bundles of fur with spikey feet really do leave behind a big hole when they leave us don’t they.

Paws for a moments reflection-heres to my old cats Gimli, Grin and Roo and of course to the fabulously named Pigpen who shall forever live on through the MS boards :slight_smile: