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1 hand warm 1 hand cold !

Please dont think i have lost the plot but is anyone else experiencing 1 of their hands always warm and the other always cold ? Or is it just me ??

Might be just you Tally. Then again, most days my socks come off and one of my feet is red hot while the other freezing.


Yes, me. Feet too.
People think it’s strange but the gift of MS just keeps us guessing.

Take care

Yup, you are not on your own. My hands and feet have a randomised thermostat.
The other weird thing can be that whilst my lower leg feels to me like it is freezing but if I touch them with my hand, sometimes they are actually warm.

Me too. Mr Ssssue takes my socks off & has to tell me, ‘cold leg, hot foot’ etc. (weird talking about socks :socks: again!)


Hi yes my left is freezing most the time but my right is just cold sometimes

I’ve noticed that both my hands are warm but my fingers are freezing, same goes for my feet.

Definitely not just you Tally!

Even before I have been diagnosed with MS my left hand is warm all the time, my right is cold, they even have different colour on a bad day. I usually suffer from autumn to spring but sometimes in a heat of the summer, which I find it mind boggling having to wrap my hand in a blanket. When my hand gets very cold it also stiffens, can move my fingers and it get very painful. The heat is the answer for me. I also use the fingerless woollen glove in the office or while working from home which is now new trend when it comes to it. It helps and get better after few hours or so.

I have been diagnosed with repetitive strain injury back in 1998 and it has occasionally flared up however I have been told it could be carpal syndrome. My mum had it and underwent surgery in eighties.

In autumn 2020 I have been receiving some acupuncture treatment as I was feeling very low, no energy. The practitioner told me I have very low energy; the lady was not even able to feel my pulse on the right wrist I found rather entertaining as it was not the first time, even ambulance crew had the same problem in the past. I’m sure I’m pretty much alive.