You must be joking

Told by my Physio now that I have actually got worse with my walking and that’s after doing a lot more exercise at home as well. Is there no end to this??

Hi are you over doing the exercise, do you think? Have the physios offered any further advice?


I’m still being given more exercises to do but I’m not holding my breath on them being successful.

hi louie

it seems to be the nature of the beast!

i tried really hard for the first year then thought why bother?

recently i’ve been going to the gym, who knows where i’ll end up.

its a constant battle between my positive outlook and my decrepit body!

well back to war i suppose

carole x

Hi Louie. Sorry to hear that you are really struggling with your walking at present- it is dreadful, I know! I suffered my first major relapse in June ( though, apparently, I’ve had MS since 1995) and being a good club runner, I am now a trillion miles from where I would usually be. This relapse decimated my ability to even walk, so I’ve been forced into a very alien world which I don’t like at all! Fast forward- and my ability to walk is much better than it was, because I can now actually manoeuvre my legs properly (sort of). I can even jog very lightly off road, for a short distance. It helps that I live right next door to Dartmoor National Park, I guess! But, don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect and I am still very conscious that I look like ‘a jogger with a handicap’ and that really hurts me emotionally! But, my point is, Louie, that YOUR WALKING CAN IMPROVE, but you’re going to have to work for it and persevere with PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). I am making a massive assumption, of course, because I don’t know you or your previous exercise regime. Whilst Physio definitely has its place in rehabilitation, exercise therapy, including aerobic exercise and resistance training, improves muscle power and mobility related activities such as walking; in people with disability. If you are able, get yourself along to your local Gym and start some treadmill training- hold on to the rails and just walk very very slowly. At this stage, I would take a friend/ family member to support and help you. I wish you lots of luck- keep me posted! Tracyann x

Hi Tracy, thanks for the advice. I am going to persevere with my Physio as there is nothing to lose. I’m also going to start swimming again as when I was on holiday I did that at every opportunity and did feel some benefit. Thanks.

That’s the spirit! I used to like swimming myself, but now, lumbered with this s$%*, I’m a little more fearful that something might happen, whilst I am struggling along in the deep end. I’m more comfortable with my feet on terra ferma. We’ve all got our crosses to beare, haven’t we? Anyway, happy swimming. x