"Yes it's MS"

Hi Everyone I went to see my consultant this week, after 14 months of tests he gave me the expected but still shocked, surprised not sure how I feel when he said “Yes you have gone MS” Can any body tell me what happens next?.He did say he would send my Doctor a letter so that I can access the system. Thanks Deborah

Hi, sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but as a lot of people on here keep saying, it is not the end of the world. I was diagnosed in September last year and I had an appointment with the ms specialist in Feb this year, it would probably have happened sooner but I had my diagnossis MRI and consultation privately, he said he would plug me into the NHS from there but it didn’t happen until I chased them up. So, I had my appointment in Feb with the ms specialist and as I was feeling ok he just said he would see me in a year. However, I am having or have had a bit of a relapse over this last 6 weeks so I have another appointment at the end of June. I don’t know for sure but it seems access to the medical profession is a bit quicker post diagnosis. You will need to inform the DVLA of your diagnosis and your car insurance company. We would seem to be more or less at the same stage in the process so let me know how you get on, it will be good to know how the system works in different areas.

Hi Deborah, glad to hear you got some answers, albeit not the ones you ultimately would like. It does take a while to get your head round the diagnosis even when you know it’s coming. Once I got my dx, my neuro referred me to the local MS nurse, who came and visited me at home and took a long time answering the millions if questions I had! There may also be Physio, OT’s and counsellers who can help. You can self refer to most of these services so if you have no contact in a couple of weeks, give them a call…your local ms society should know what’s avaliable locally. Good luck. Laura :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear the news :frowning:

Great advice already, I’d just add to also check if you have any critical illness cover anywhere (e.g. a clause in your mortgage) - MS is a payable condition.

Dealing with a diagnosis is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster so go easy on yourself (and your family and friends - they’ll also be reeling). It’ll get easier as time goes on, but for now, just take it one day at a time.

Karen x