Worried I have MS!

Hi there.

Looking for some advice- I Saw a neurologist at Christmas as I was having a tremor started a couple years ago that has been getting worse- it’s just in my hands. I was diagnosed with an essential tremor and put on propanol. Since then I can have pains in my arms which can have me in tears sometimes, tingling feeling in my face, sometimes pain in pain but never too painful. My legs then started to be painful- and my feet go numb very easily and I have muscle spasms and full body throughout the day feels like my skin is crawling. I also feel my walking is different. My left side just doesn’t feel as good, I can walk but if I was to walk for 15mins+ I can feel my left leg start to almost drag behind, and if I concentrate on it to not have it feeling weaker I can then feel my knees over bending. I had a mri at Christmas and nothing was wrong on my mri but then I wasn’t having all these other symptoms. I have an appointment with a neurologist again in august. Is this what other are experiencing? As they all sort of go through phases whether it be my arms that in agony for a morning, to muscle spasms in my body. I would say it’s everyday some sort of issue and bothering enough. My skin crawling, and walking seems to be a garuntee every day- and my tremor. Feeling a bit crazy like I’m making this all up in my head


Welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had cause to find yourself here.

There are a few points I would make with regard to your horrible sounding symptoms (and for which you have my sympathy).

First, MS is a collection of tons of symptoms. Many, or even most, of which could arise from a different diagnosis. So a list of symptoms experienced by any one person isn’t necessarily going to shout ‘MS’.

Second, MS is what’s often called a ‘snowflake’ disease. We all have varying symptoms (from all those hundreds mentioned above); none of us have an identical collection of them.

Therefore, listing your symptoms won’t cause anyone, from an amateur on this forum to an MS specialist neurologist, to say it looks or sounds like MS.

As you had an MRI when you first saw a neurologist because of your tremor, and nothing looked awry then, the chances are that it’s not MS. But, you need to see the neurologist in August and explain exactly what you’ve been experiencing to get his/her opinion.

I would add that I’ve never had symptoms come and go as quickly as you describe. For me it’s always been symptoms that start and improve very slowly over weeks at a minimum, and more likely over months.

What I suggest you do before you see the neurologist in August is to write yourself a timeline. Think back as far as you can and list what has happened (and which you feel are connected). Write down how long symptoms took to develop and how long they stayed. Indeed, whether symptoms have completely disappeared or only partially. This will give the neurologist a complete picture of what has happened to you. Keeping a diary is the best way to track your health; I’ve had an iPad diary app for about 10 years, it’s invaluable for me.

Best of luck