Worried about a 2nd attack.

I’m a limbo lander & have been for just over a year. I’m a wait & see case. Had first attack, left with 2 lesions on my brain very close together, evoked potentials were abnormal, but lumber puncture was in - conclusive. I can’t bear this waiting and seeing what happens to mr. I still have symptoms that are left from the first attack & I’m guessing it’s been too long for them now to improve further? What happens if this next attack is a devastating life changing one? I’m already having to make adjustments to my speech & handwriting. What if the 2nd one wipes me out or off my feet. I’m scared to be honest x

I really do feel for you. I am in a position also of one attack , still with symptoms that are not being treated and waiting for what is to happen next!!! As you say …frightening!!

All I can say to you is to get rest ,be kind to yourself and gather the people around you who you can trust and get support from…

Dee x

My friend, we are all forced to live a russian-roulette life. All of us fear the relapse of relapses, and it could be any one of us, any time. We live with it, we learn how to deal with it as we go.

Making adjustments is something anyone with ms has to do. It sounds as if you have been compelled to make some, as indeed have I.

We just have to keep positive. If you spend your life in fear, the thing you fear might never happen. And if it does, you will have learned along the way how to deal with it.


Hey anon.

As a fellow limbolander I’ll say I know how it feels and what you’re going through. I had my first set of official symptoms 1 1/2 years ago. Like you I didn’t see any notable improvement in my symptoms and then 6 months later had another episode of symptoms which set me back. Since then from oct/nov last year I’ve had a great improvement and for 3 months felt absolutely normal. So I guess things can improve sometimes they just take some time and I guess we have to learn to accept we might not recover completely. My 2 MRI’s have shown non-specific lesions but I haven’t had LP or EVP as by the time I saw my neuro (I changed neuro’s in the middle) I has feeling better and as the tests would only give me a probable MS diagnosis and no treatment I didn’t feel it was worth it. I have another review in april but can decide to go for the LP or EVP at anytime.

So my advice would be - do anything you can to help yourself. I’m not saying spend ridiculous amounts of money but eat healthy, take vit D, exercise in what ever way you can and most importantly keep your life free of stress. It is hard not knowing whats going to happen to our bodies next but why worry about something that may never happen. Remember there’s also a good chance you may never go on to develop MS and it could just be a clinically isolated episode. Enjoy your life and enjoy the health you have - it’s the outlook I have, I don’t want to look back in 5 years time if things have got worse and think I didn’t do all things I wanted to. Lastly - MS isn’t a death sentence - we can still live and enjoy life, yes there have to be some compromises but you can still accomplish great things - some of the people on this forum are testament to that. So don’t give up hope.



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What a wonderful thread. Exactly now I’m feeling at the moment - in fear after 1st attack, but as others have said; don’t waste your healthy times worrying when there’s almost nothing you can do about it.

I agree with Mark, 100%. I saw a counsellor when I was newly diagnosed. She helped me to face my fears and to realise that, IF they happened, I would have loads of help and support to make sure that I would cope. This was more than 14 years ago and my greatest fears haven’t happened. I am so grateful that the counsellor helped me to face and let go of those fears - what a terrible waste of time, energy and opportunity I would have made had I spent 14 years worrying about something that didn’t happen! Could they still happen? Yes, of course they could. But I know now that I will be fine - absolutely fine. As Mark said, along the way we learn how to adapt and how to deal with whatever our MS throws at us. And let’s face it, it could be worse! Karen x

I have been having “Attacks” for the last 21 years (10 in total) but only found out last year I have MS.
It was good to finally figure out what was wrong with me and the benefit of having previous attacks has given me the knowledge that just because I have MS doesnt mean I cant live a healty happy life.
Try not to think to much about the “What if” and live in the now