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I was diagnosed with MS 4 years ago, I have work as a nurse and have found doing just early shifts better for me. This was originally supported by my matron at time of diagnosis. I have since been moved to a daycase unit which I have found also more beneficial for me as I have time to sit down while admitting/ discharging patients.But last week our matron decided to close my ward for half term week and use our staff to staff other wards. She decided to put me on one of the busiest wards in hospital and stated to me that nothing was in writing to say I couldn't work anywhere busy! Why is nursing the most uncaring profession! I am trying to do my best to stay in work, but due to the stress caused my legs are like lead weights and burning, I feel dizzy and have now gone off sick and got doctors appointment tomorrow. What can I do to get the support I require in work?



Hi Dily,

I think the crux of the matter is there was nothing in writing, as your matron has said.

If you need special adjustments, that include not being able to undertake certain types of work, these should be mutually agreed, and formally recorded, so they are there in black and white,

If nothing is on record, then you will run into exactly this problem of: "It doesn't say anything here about you are unable to do that".

I'm not sure quite how it works in the NHS (I'm assuming it's NHS, although it may not be).  Presumably you have HR, or some equivalent?  Or Occupational Health?  (For staff, I mean, not the patients).

I think perhaps an appointment with one or both of them, to establish exactly what is reasonable or not for you to do, and get that on the record, is the way forward.

Then whoever is your boss in future, whether or not they're sympathetic, will have clear guidance.

In fairness to the matron, if there is no record of what adjustments you require, how can she honour them?

If there IS a record, but it's out-of-date, or experience has shown there are some things that should be on it, but aren't, you need that chat with HR or OH, to get it amended.

If there's nothing to say something is a problem, it will certainly be assumed it isn't.


hi diane


could you ask your matron for a chat and explain how the ms affects you. that heavy burning feeling in the legs is awful. my husband couldnt underdstand it at first but he has read up on ms and all its problems and now he understands.

tell her how those sick days could have been avoided and that you want to keep on working.


good luck


carole xxxx

Hi Diane

Tina has given you some excellent advice. You  might also find it helpful to talk to Access to Work, contactable through JobCentre Plus.

Good Luck!