Work told me today that I may be dismissed due to my attendance record, feel sick..........

For the last few years I have had various symptoms each of which has been investigated as a separate issue until recently.


Migraines/cluster headaches - causing muscle tension in back and left side face, tingling in left fingers - Cervical MRI performed for possible trapped nerve - all clear - Neuro said this was reassuring and did no further investigation - referred back to GP.

Lower left abdominal burning sensation which radiated down left leg into foot - this went away but shortly afterwards I began to experience what I thought were urine infections (felt as though bladder would not empty properly, bladder felt bruised) - no infection present in urine tests - referred to Urology - no explanation for my symptoms - referred back to GP.

Began to experience sudden bowel movements and feeling of tightness in chest - GP thought possible IBS/Ulcerative colitis - referred to Gastro - colonoscopy and bowel biopsies clear - bloods showed increased CRP and white blood cell count - suggested possible Gynae problem such as Endo - referred back to GP.

Referred to Gynae - internal scan clear - no endo or PCOS - Gynae requested I keep a full diary of symptoms no matter how insignificant they me seem to me and made a follow up appointment with me for 6 months time - presented symptom diary to Gynae - suggested possible MS or MS like neuro condition due to various sensory symptoms which he picked up on (tingling, numbness, crawling hot and cold sensation on skin) - referred back to GP.

Referred for eye tests - no Optic Neuritis found - noted very weak and uncoordinated eye muscles - reported to GP.

Referred to Neuro - first appointment 18/1/13.

In the last 12 months I have had 108 days absence from work, some for longer periods of 8-10 weeks and some 1-2 weeks, some only days here and there where the fatigue gets too much or the bowel issues arise. In total I have had less than 6 months off in the year. I have worked for the same company for 12 years and this is the first period of significant absence I have had. I get 6 months full pay and six months half pay within a 12 month rolling period.

I have been honest with my manager about my symptoms as they have progressed and have always covered myself by visiting my doctor and obtaining sick lines. The sick lines have stated different reasons for my absence depending on what I was being investigated for at the time. However, it has now been concluded that this is more likely a linked condition rather than separate symptoms.

Due to the number of absences in the last 12 months (8) I have been placed on the companies absence policy and am now on the final stage due to the length of time it has taken to investigate what is happening to me. Had I remained off for longer periods thus creating less absences, I would not be on the absence policy at all.

Today I was taken into an impromtu meeting with my manager for a catch up and she handed me a calendar of last year with the days shaded in red and green (red being an absence and green being a day at work). She said that my final formal review meeting will be held on 8th March 2013 and if she was looking at only the information on the calendar she would expect me to be dismissed from my job with immediate effect following that meeting. They are no longer willing to wait for a diagnosis as it has taken so long and keeps changing. She then said that unless I maintain a consistent level of attendance between now and 8th March 2013 I will be dismissed. I cannot have another sick day, emergency leave or short notice holiday between now and then.

She then said that if I remain at work between now and 8th March 2013 with no sick days then I may have a chance of keeping my job but even if they do keep me on the formal review process can be reopened at any time within the following 12 months and I can be immediately dismissed.

So basically I am not allowed any further sick days between now and March 2014!!!

Whatever I am suffering from has been ongoing and well documented for over 3 years and I would have assumed I would be covered under the DDA even without diagnosis. I would have thought this would prevent them taking any action against me whilst I’m under investigation.

I am so worried I feel sick and my head is splitting.

Does anyone have any advice or has any personal experience of dismissal.absence process?

Please help me!!!


Laura x

it sounds like you work for the same company as me, do u work for a goverment agency by any chance? can u send me a private email


First your diagnosis; could be Hughes Syndrome see

It can be very dangerous if left undiagnosed so get checked.

As far as your job is concerned there must come a time when your employers say enough is enough but I would think you are a long way from that yet. I suggest you contact by phone tomorrow the EHRC who have all info on their website and will put your employer’s right if they are not obeying the Law.

Good luck; I know it’s difficult but stop worrying.