Work bench materials aquired.

For a few years I have had promisees of help to create a work bench in an outbuilding. It never happened, so I’ve taken it upon myself. To prove to the pot heads. I am far better doing things, so they get done. The same folks who claim pot cures MS. There seems an influx of idiots these days. Claiming they do things, that never get done.

Nothing cures MS, but there are ways to lead a productive life & do good stuff.

Follow your passions folks, but keep it to yourself. Others problems, are not yours!


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Work bench complete, now for all the bells & whistles. My joinery skills & all the other stuff I’ve learned how to do, will keep me busy for eternity. It will do me in, but it’s better than giving up. It’s good exercise too & a way to avoid the fakes. If I inquire about jobs, folks run when they see how messed up I’ve become. I dare not even count the falls & accidents. It’s comical.

Have fun folks & keep doing things. There are normal folks out there.

Beans & egg on toast, it is today.

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After completing the work room. The decayed door started to fall apart, once I’d loaded it with all my tools. Yesterday I waited in all day for a carpenter that never turned up. Health problems are an excuse for others to show how useless they are. The advice I’ve received is, go to church & god will solve all your problems. Apparently it’s the governments fault, because of cuts. I’m starting to believe MS is caused by hearing so much bullshit for years & people being so dumb that they drag everybody down with their lame excuses for humanity.

There’s a hole in the ship, let’s run around screaming & all drown. Instead is listening to the common sense that explains how to fix the leak. I’m starting to worry the system is designed to self destruct. And people are so clueless, they don’t know what to do. They listen to the wrong advice. The voice in my head, tells me to listen to myself. Tell folks to help themselves & they run off with all your possessions.

A month of driving, after getting my licence back & I’ve already got vultures asking what I’ll be doing with my car now I’ve booked the delivery of a new mobility vehicle. Ideally I should of kept away from the popular alcoholic clueless doctor & got on with life. Maybe when he’s the lord mayor, I can rest in pieces. Whilst he gets sloshed in his opulent conservatory.

Getting a photo copier & printing certificates to claim expertise doesn’t wash with me. The proof is in the pudding.

They will not let me help others with MS, because I am anti medication & have internal intelligence.

How has life become so messed up. Do people purely listen to bullshit all day, every day & believe the so called experts in jack shit. To fuel their self obsessed scrounging for popularity & gain. While the genuine people drop like flies.

I’ve now been told, the work room door is on order. Just 3 more weeks for a spot of security in this corrupt world.

Perhaps I should get a make over & wear glasses. Maybe buy a horse & a plot of land, to pretend I’m affluent & well to do.

The fakery is never ending. The folks who do, are getting screwed.

What sort of car are you getting? I can’t use my tools anymore to dangerous. XX Don

I struggle to hold the tools myself & indeed it’s dangerous. When using my jigsaw, it nearly made me limbless. Painting the walls, was the worst. Trying to paint a wall, when the room is spinning & my legs didn’t want to help, wasn’t fun.

Things need to be done though & finding anyone not full of false promisees is a drag. Waiting 3 years for a bench I made myself in a day. Has shown me the way. Do it yourself. Stop listening to those with a hidden agenda.

From a Nissan Micra, I’m going for the Nissan NV200 mini bus. Way more practical for me. Although I’m sure it will bring out the vultures who want a van. My last van seemed to be a magnet for magpies. I will be able to transport multiple wheelchairs & use it as a camper when I’m finished converting.

3 years of sitting in a room, getting all my savings robbed & possessions stolen. Now I can do it all myself with zero so called help. Paying a landscape gardener £180 to lay 4 £5 slabs for a wider walk way is a booked job. I’ll probably end up doing that myself too. So I’ve ordered a trolley, just in case.

When I’m rolling around the floor in agony & unable to get up. I’m sure a GP will offer me an asprin. Maybe a street dealer, will offer me a joint. Or the local pub will offer me a pint of vodka. Anything to make me out to be, what I’m not. I’ll look after me. Common sense will prevail. Genuine PPMS is not for the faint hearted. I tried to end it all, by pushing a kitchen knife through my heart after listening to medical advice. I survived & pulled the stitches out myself with pliers. Now they say MS is a mental problem. When the problem is, the people around you.

Surround yourselves with good folks & maybe things will be okay. That’s the plan. Rely on nobody!