Came across this article which may be of interest to some forum users



thats very interesting, thanks very much.

mandy x

This is good - I hope everyone reads it!

Karen x

Really interesting, thanks for posting that. I’ve just had a ‘negative’ mri of the brain, which was on the back of a referal from an opthalmologist, with a rapid follow up appointment with a neurologist. The neurologist has now ordered a full brain AND spinal mri, with contrast, as well as a lumbar puncture, as he is ‘almost certain’ it is ms, following his full neurological exam, my history, symptoms etc, and was quite firm in telling me that it was ‘very possible’ to have a negative scan, at least initially, and still have ms.

I went in there thinking all was well having managed to get my GP to have a look at the report (he was sent it from the opthalmologist), and came out feeling right cheesed off!

The neuro wanted to know why my GP hadn’t referred me due to my symptoms, as he (Mr Neuro) could have ordered the full mri with contrast, rather than the one the eye bloke sent me for, which wasseemingly a bit of a waste of time, and resourses. Good question! My GP wouldn’t take me seriosly, because my sister has MS and ‘‘therefor it is highly unlikely that you do too’’! Marvelous!!! Talk about your life in their hands!

Hi, thankyou ever so much for this post.

I have read the info and now feel better armed for attending my neuro appointment tomorrow morning.

I`ve had several negative MRIs over the past 14 yrs and now can see why. I have a 95% dx of PPMS.

Thanks again.

luv Pollx

Thank you for the post this as been the case with myself i have scar tissue on my spine due to prolapse disc disease and they don’t know which is which ms or the arthritis and my brain i clear apart from the scars from my epliepsy. Im thrilled im taking this with me and armimg myself i forget otherwise.


Thank you, amazingly useful!

I have printed this off and will take with me to an MRI which I am pressing for (a full spinal MRI). So far I have only had a brain MRI which came back clear, allegedly.

I have been ill over Christmas and due to pain and loss of vision in one eye am off to Opthalmic Consultant next week, as apparently there is something wrong at the back of my eye. As I have other symptoms I have asked them to tie up with my Neuro as I believe there to be a connection. I have been asking for a full spine MRI for four years but there seems to be a cost issue. When I was taken to casualty last week I told my GP that this has gone on long enough.

Here’s hoping and thanks again for the link.

Kindest regards