Why is MS smuthering me?

Hi MS victims

I am a newby. I was diagnosed in March this year & it’s been down hill ever since. Why is every thought I have about MS? Nearly all conversations I have with people is about MS…I could scream!

My left leg refuses to believe it is infact paired with my right leg. It seems to do it’s own thing! I am walking badly & have started physio. Tomorrow I am starting in a gym with the neuro physio. I am not looking forward to it but then again I know that it will help me.

My taste buds have changed. Nothing tastes the same & things which I used to enjoy I now don’t! Has anyone else had this before?

I have decided on the drug Copaxone, even though I don’t like injections. I thought that hopefully after a week I will be over the fear.

I am now terrified of being me.

Any ideas?

Firstly I will NEVER see myself as a victim of MS…

I am a suffer of MS and I will support others even if they have MS or just need a listening ear and dont have MS…

Now depression is a big part of MS and well get very low at times and think WHY ME…

Especialy when we are going through a bad time,even some medication can make these symptoms worse.

Now it maybe you cannot come to terms with MS at the moment and I would sugest you see a councilor or MS nurse you need someone to talk to and listen on how your feeling.And help you come to terms with this,yes maybe you may never except it so maybe they can help you cope better with it.

Now I would also recommend seeing your doctor about some antidepressants,yes you think NO WAY.

BUT short term ADs and seeing a councilor regular belive me CAN help us greatly…I have been and done it and it help me come to terms with many things in my life that have haunted me for years.


Thank you Charlie for taking the time to answer me. I have been having counciling & I am also on anxiety medication but it just gets to me some times. Yesterday was a bad day for me.

Today I went to the neuro physio & it was hard work. It was my first time in a gym & all the gym machines were mind blowing, but I WILL keep doing my exercises, I promise!

La if you feel tired or fatigue or if you start to feel pain then stop and rest.

I do understand how you feel and we all get those real bad days.Anxiety is a terrible thing to have I had it for many years.I also had medication for it in the past.

Hun it gets to us ALL,so never feel your alone with your feelings.We are all here for eachother.We may not be there for you in body but we are certainly here in spirit,if you ever feel like this again or just want a chat we are here to listen and help.

You did to much in one day I would be flat out on the sofa and not move for 24 hours.Rest as much as possible,make sure you see your councilor regualr,have a good rant to them if you need to then they may understand you a little better.

I wish you all the best I honestly I do.

Bless you.Your finding things hard and I wish I could help more.


I agree with Charlie we are all aboard HMS ms but I do not feel a victim its just something I have. I did say to someone yesterday that I feel quite lucky that I dont have Parkinsons as that is a dreadful disease and I do really feel for people with that.

I was dx Feb (I think) and started Copaxone in May.

It really is a doddle and you can use the autoject if you want and then you dont see the needle. 3of us stared the same week so it was really good to be able to pm people to find out how we were doing or to ask open questions on the forum.

As there are 24 sites to rotate round it takes a while to try them all to see how they are,but apart from a few lumps and bruises I think its fair to say its just part of life now.

You will learn the new you as time goes on,but ms just means you will never get bored as it is inevitable that along the way new challenges will come up…but then again who in life knows whats round the corner. At least by starting the copaxone you know you are doing something positive to keep your MonSter in his box.

Take care



I have recently been diagnosed with ms after years of it might be, ever since then I seem to spend every day reading about ms and treatments and health supplements, i got to the point where i thought this is rediculous (think i spelt that wrong), so yes it does get to you.

just joined on here