Why does my neuro keep changing his mind?

I am starting to worry about whether or not my neuro is incompetent or just pondering my case at intervals. i have only met him once following symptoms involving majority loss of mobility and pain in legs. At that appointment he told me he was referring me for MRI of lower spine, handed me the form to deliver to the imaging dept. I looked at said form and he had crossed out “lower spine” & changed to “whole spine and axial”. I found out it was to be an 18 week wait for the MRI in that hospital so asked to be seen at the one over the english border (i am in north wales) as it is only a 4-6 week wait there. My referral form then got lost and now 4 weeks after seeing neuro and him re-doing my referral form finally have mri 3rd nov… which is now for lumbar spine and head!! Why does he keep changing his mind?!

Hi, maybe its because he hasnt looked properly at your notes, when he rushed the 2nd referral through. Our neuros are hard pressed, but that isn`t helping each one of us, I know.

Ive seen 15 neuros in as many years and theyve caused me some headaches, with thieir differing opinions. Seems I am a medical mystery!

hope things get sorted for you.


Thanks Poll. Just wondering whether to be happy about it or concerned. My GP speaks highly of him so lets hope hes right. im like you, bit of a medical marvel. Even my appendictis was all in my head haha. I am rather sceptical when it comes to the majority of the medical profession. thanks for your reply - you sound like you have been passed around the houses somewhat x

Has it changed that much? Lumbar spine is lower spine. Perhaps with time pressure on the local scanner not scaning the head seemed a good compromise.