who would you invite?

Okay…another brain using thread.

It`s Christmas Day…you have an open door and a table big enough to fit as many folk as you like…oh and Fairy Godmother is doing the catering and washing up…so

who and why would you ask to dinner?

For me…Johnny Depp for the eye candy and Stephen Fry for conversation

Your turn…dead or alive will do.


I love this question, I’ve compiled many lists over the years! Margaret Atwood and Stephen King for talk Louis Prima and Sam Butera, they’d bring the party, Gordy Brown for the laughs and maybe catch up on all the jokes we missed through laughing too much at the previous one oh! nd Al Murray,he could sit and discuss wars with hubby, save me listening…again,maybe they could watch The Great Escape…again, or any other war film then I wouldn’t have to suffer the usual stop start and testing on my aircraft and weapon recognition, mind you the latest was in Luther! I’d also be able to get a photo of them next to each other, just to show that they do not actually look alike! Hubby is always being asked "do you know who you look like?"I am going to get that photo in March anyway, Al Murray always seems to do meet and greets at his shows, he bought me a fruit based drink last time, he ordered some annoying disruptive bloke to the. bar!..no it wasnt my hubby! lol, I’d also have Rita Rudner again for the laughs,just not sure she’d get on with Margaret Atwood and last but not least Jimmy Young,just so I could tell him that I miss his show every day and am disappointed every time I hear Jeremy Vine! and my son’s old babysitter Madge, she was just such a character!

Alison x

Yep, love this one. :slight_smile:

Billy Connelly because I have loved the man for years and find his observations, humour and “don’t give a fcuk” attitude just brilliant. Rod Stewart, again, have loved him since teenage years. He can sing I Don’t Want To talk About It and look into my eyes. Oh and Freddie Mercury. Same reasons as above…he can sing Thank God it’s Christmas!

I’ll second Stephan Fry too. Helen Mirren, and feed her sprouts until she reveals her beauty secrets, and Meryl Streep (same reasons!) I love her acting. She’s just SO adaptable.

My oldest brother and his family, who live in Canada and have been through Hell and back with family ill health these last two years.

My Dad. Because I never told him I loved him while he was alive, and really wish I had.

Wonderful question. My late Dad so he can see how his grandchildren turned out, Winston Churchill so I can say I had the greatest Briton in my house and Dean Martin so I can croon the night away! X

excellent thread poll

i’d invite my late mum and kath (my late friend) for lots of hugs, cuddles and kisses.

johnny depp for the phwoar factor.

guy garvie (of elbow) for his conversation and hopefully a tune or two.

jimi hendrix (it would be rude not to).

maxine peake for an interesting political debate, she’s a communist and one of my brother-in-laws is very right wing. maxine would win! she is also my favourite actress. she comes from round here and hasn’t changed her accent or dialect so she’d enjoy my dad’s accent and dialect.

bob marley, we could try a bit of his ganja!

i know there are many others but just now this is all i can manage.

carole xx

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the regulars (and some not quite so regulars) from here round one big table. Make it so that we could all magically arrive without travelling; sort out all our various physical necessities (also magically) in order that we could just have a big fat meal (veggies and diets catered for) and a glass or two of wine or whatever sherbet suits. Obviously Poll would be there, Val, everyone’s fave moderator, George who we don’t hear so much from these days, Tina, Carole, Paolo (distance is no object), Mick, Ellie, Pops, Krakowian, Tracey, Maude, Sewingchick, all the others who I’ve missed off…


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Oh not forgetting Dr Geoff x


Just read ur reply and thought I wonder who sue is referring to? Who does she think she has upset?!

So I reread! It’s says missed with a m-not a p!!!

Sorry sue but am chuckling away at urs (and mine!) expense!

Look forward to virtual catch up!

Ellie x

Oh dear, such a difficult one.

Seems Sephen Fry is everybody’s ideal party guest - and I wouldn’t differ from the majority on that.

Would love to have my dad back, and a long-ago love interest who tragically died in an accident (long after we’d parted, but I’d never quite said “the right thing” - and dearly wanted to).

Having said that, I’m not sure Dad and the onetime bf would hit it off - or either of them with Stephen Fry! You’ve got to think not only of who you’d like there, but what the chemistry would be between them, haven’t you? If you’ve got a nasty feeling they might take against each other, then probably better not.

I do like idea of having a get together of folks here - but only if there’s a teleport! If scientists can’t cure MS, then please, please can we have the teleport soon? So many places I’d like to go, but can’t be doing with the hassle and energy of getting there (especially on public transport). Oh, and I don’t want any of this nonsense about creating an exact replica at the other end (complete with memories), and then destroying the “original”. I want to travel intact - not be recreated and deleted! (Don’t want much, do I? )



All the above ideas are fascinating, especially the use of a teleporter to arrange a party. As a relative newcomer I would love to meet you all.

For what it’s worth my choice would be as follows.

Being an avid wireless listener I am very fond of the Today programme and the News Quiz. I would choose John Humphrys and Sarah Montague from the Today programme. I am a huge admirer of JH as he can be very engaging and also can destroy the career of a BBC Director General in minutes. SM sounds as if she might be a bit of a party animal.

From the News Quiz I would add Mark Steel and Sandi Toksvig to the mix. They are so quick witted and politically astute. Although a Tory, Ken Clarke would be very entertaining. Resurrect Dr Samuel Johnson, and provide plenty of port, the sparks might fly.


Actually Poll, I would invite you, Noreen, Carole, Christine, Jen & Sharon and let you bring two guests of your choice. Then I would have interesting people and good friends at the same time

JBK xx

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Ahhh JBK. That is soooo sweet. When’s the party then?

I would bring Elvis and would the Phenomonic Orchestra count as one? We could have a good ole sing song with lots of gyrating. I know you love to gyrate Kelly.

Shazzie (Sharon on a sensible day) xxx

Eeee, what a lot of very interesting replies! So glad you enjoyed my thread.

And how kind of you to want me at your table!

It would be great for us all to meet up. Of course we would have to be teleported…but…

you can all come to my gaff…wheelchair access…a good bit of parking and a posh wet room downstairs…

Tina…there you go…overthinking it again! You are a sweetie!

Love to you all…youve all done very well`…who said that? …oh that was a recent post of mine…



pollywollydoodlealltheday - love it!!

got so much time on my hands that I am prone to the occassional doodle!