Who says??

I was just wondering does the doctor have to say you are having a relapse or do you just decide? Over the last couple of hours my calf muscles are getting tighter and hurting to walk this happened to me a couple of years ago before my dx so I’m just wondering

Hey Em3a, how are yer ? Last time I had an episode, I phoned the docs and he gave me steroids. Had known him for years though…He’s retired now, so may be more ‘sticky’ next time. … Take care, Andy

Hi, in my experience of relapses, my symptoms seem to creep up over a few days/weeks & then whacks me one! The relapse will then put loads of symptoms together & make you feel absolutely awful. Speech, pain, eye problems, mobility basically all the things associated with MS accumulates together. Everyone’s experiences are different though, if you are worried get in touch with MS nurse or your Dr, sorry to say, but in the throws of a relapse, you will probably have a few other symptoms in the mix, I really hope it’s not a relapse, but go to Dr they will either get in touch with your MS team for you (I hope!) or they will advise you what to do if they suspect you are having 1 let us know how you are doing, Tracey x

Hi thanks see how I am in the morning then may make a phone call to the docs

Thanks for the reply I’ve had a headache since yesterday that I can’t shift but it could be coming from my eye can’t make up my mind! Lol all my symptoms started with on. I’ve only ever had one relapse and that was what got me my dx! I’ll just keep an eye on what’s happening and make a phone call if these symptoms persist

Good evening

I was diagnosed 3 years ago and so far have had a relapse every year. When I asked my MS nurse how will I know, she told me that if the same symptoms persist for 36 hrs (the info on this web site states 24 hrs) it is assumed to be a relapse, then contact your doctor. My most recent relapse was in March this year, after a couple of days with no let up of my main symptoms which is a constant headache above my left eye, pressure behind the eye and blurred vision, (and a range of other issues) I rang the doctors who then prescribed me with steroids. I am fortunate enough not to have any problems with steroids but my partner does object to me doing the house work in the middle of the night cos I I cant sleep!!! But steroids do work for me.


Thanks for the reply well I’ve woke this morning (middle of the night!!) without a headache but still have crampy legs! So I’ll just see how I go. Thanks