Who am I

Hello Blackhill. How are you today?:sunflower:


Doing much better. I have been allocated a house on the ground floor which is great so focusing on getting myself organised for when I get the keys and can move. It will be so much better when i no longer have to face the mountainous climb that is the 2 flights of stairs to my flat. We have a local MS open day on Saturday so will see what thats all about. Hope you are well and thank you for dropping me a line xx :house:


Hello Blackhill, congratulations on getting a ground floor house! :champagne::champagne::champagne::stars::stars::stars::stars:. I hope this will make life easier for you.
The MS day sounds interesting. I hope many show up and people become informed on what MS is.
I am doing well thanks.
I can now dance on my feet again without holding on! This has been a great victory for me this year. I now practice every day.
I also suffer from Functional Neurological Disorder, ( non epileptic seizures) which I am learning to control but the other day it was very frequent and by night time it was worse. Breathing becomes slower and I feel paralysed so can’t breath properly and also had disorientation . Like a weird amnesia. Exhaustion brought it on.
I was alone. But managed to get to bed safely and slept it off.
I’ve asked my GP to ask my consultant to refer me to the FND specialist at my MS clinic.
Today was just one seizure.
All the best with your move and enjoy Saturday.


Hi .
I was diagnosed 9 years ago and can relate to the “Who am I”. I went from a reasonably intelligent professional, independent single mother to medically retired, doped up on painkillers and often reliant on my 15 year old daughter. Sound familiar anyone?

Years later I’m still unemployable, the painkillers no longer make me dopey unless I need a top up, but i live on my own employing help for things I can’t do.

I found a hobby, in my case sewing and try to concentrate on what I can do instead of what I can’t. Oh I still get frustrated and swear and cuss, usually at myself, but I get over it eventually reminding myself that there are a lot of people worse off than me.

The good days far outweigh the bad.
Take care
Cath x


Thank you for this honest assessment of the struggles of a chronic, progressive condition. 3 weeks ago I officially found out about my MS; at first it was a relief (not a lazy, anxious, hypochondriac after all).
I’m a doer rushing headlong into bath replacement, looking for a Fiat Dablo, joined ‘Shop Mobility’ … bonkers: all a reaction to fear and dread of the future.
Who am I? You are someone doing their best to deal with life’s randomness. (removed by moderator).happens. Sending solidarity. Trish