Where do I go from here?


I am new to this forum & have posted for a bit of advice. I have been having strange symptoms off & on since around January this year. It started with dizziness, being woken up & the room spinning, sharp stabbing headaches & numbness down the left side of my face. These progressed to numbness in my left forearm, pain in my left elbow & numbness in my left hand with pins & needles. I was also extremely tired, when I woke up in the morning I felt more exhausted than when I went to bed. It used to feel like I could fall asleep standing up.

I put the above down to the fact that my partner & myself recently had a baby, sleepless nights ect & your body can do strange things to you when your tired.

But then things got worse, I had two leg collapses, one after I got out of bed & another walking out of my house. My left leg gave way like it was dead & had no bones & each time I had to sit on the floor for a couple ogf minutes before it woke up. I also had numbness down my shins which lasted a couple of days & a electric shock / pain feeling when I sat on the toilet???So I went to my GP who refered me to a Neuro consultant as he suspected I may have MS symptoms. Whilst waiting for my appointment to see the consultant I felt fine, no symptoms, typical.

Well I saw the consultant, I was in with him for no more than 5 minutes, he was very abrupt which made me anxious and I couldnt relay everything that was happening, he made me stand up close my eyes & touch my nose & asked me my symptoms, he interupted me throughout & said he would send me for a brain MRI to check for anything major and that was that. I felt generally worse after the appointment and started having more of the dizzy spells & burning skin like I cant stand my clothes touching it, I also get very itchy.

Today I recieved a letter off my neuro which states that my MRI was normal…and that was it, no date to come back ect. So I phoned the sec who said I have now been discharged with no further action.

Is this right, I am confused, I really do not feel that my symptoms have been looked into properly, any advice on whether I should go back to the gp? ask to see another consult? Im starting to think I will have to just live with these symptoms.