Wheelchair damage to door frames

My wheelchair, or rather me, or the person pushing it has given the door frames in our bungalow something of a bashing.
I’ve sometimes seen in hotels and other similar public buildings plastic or metal strips on door frames.

i can’t afford the expense or upheaval of building work to widen the doorways, so can anyone tell me what these strips are called and where I might get some please?

Check the item numbers below on Ebay or search somewhere like Screwfix, toolstation, B&Q, ebay ect for “plastic angle”, it comes in different size lengths and different size returns (the bit that goes around each corner), it’s cheap as chips, usually comes in white, black, brown.

For a corner return try something like 40mm x 40mm, not too big and not too small.

Its perfect for protecting corners, easy to stick on with something like a good double sided tape or a contact adhesive.

Theres are countless options.

Personally my first port of call would either be Screwfix or Toolstation, both are far cheaper than the other DIY centers.

I would put up the exact links but as we know the mods just love removing anything helpful !

But take a look at these for an idea on ebay, just type in the number in the search bar on the site…

324237780389, 263769420402, 361110696103, 281817586912


Thanks so much, that’s great. I’d tried searching online but wasn’t looking in the right place :slight_smile:

Hi Flowerpot, I have these around our bungalow. They are called kick plates…aluminium…but i`ve managed to dent them too.


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Hi, thanks Bouds xx

Have you installed anything? What option did you choose?

No I haven’t as yet. It’s difficult getting tradespeople to do jobs. I’ve recently been in touch with a joiner who promised to call towards the end of last week to see if it’s possible and to give me a quote, but he didn’t turn up and hasn’t responded when I left him a message earlier this week. I’m guessing he doesn’t want the job, I just wish they’d say so.