what's your excuse?

this afternoon an  elderly lady asked me to help her to tell the time so that she could set her blue badge timer. she was explaining that most people think she's daft. so i empathised and told a tale or two of my own cog fog problems. i meant it in a nice way but she said "Well i'm 71, what's your excuse".

i said that i don't have an excuse but the scars on my brain cause me a fair bit of grief.

then she asked how did i ever get scars on my brain. so beginneth the lesson....

it's multiple sclerosis, which means multiple scars.

she had no idea what ms was until then.





Well done! None of us know everything! Sometimes folk with illness (any) expect others to understand but why should they if they have no direct knowledge or know someone who has a particular illness.

Bit by bit, slowly slowly, well done for widening anothers knowledge and probably understanding. thumbsup

Ellie x


Well done Carole,

                              Of course no one has to know about all illnesses, but her ;"what's your excuse?" was a bit below the belt.