Give me strength

Conversation from this afternoon.

“Sorry I couldn’t answer the door before, I’m a bit poorly today.”

“Oh dear have you got this dreadful virus?”

“No, I’ve got MS.”

The look of confusion is almost laughable.

Do I explain?


You should have said “Yes”.

You would have got a lot more sympathy.



or perhaps dont say ‘today’?

or its only infectious if u are within 6ft of me?! (yes i have said that more than once!)


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“Well that’s better than the Australian flu at least”? Yes indeed…cheers haha.

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I’m with you Ellie, I too take great pleasure in their reaction to the question ‘can I catch it?’ oh yes I say, off you go & get your bloods tested, they can then feel a prick again.

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Cheers big ears.

I think I can trump you Mr Snore…years ago just after diagnosis I told people at a Bible study about the diagnosis. I was taken aside by a woman (who always had to have a bigger or better one), and she said to me “I had a touch of that once, I know what it’s like”…


You haven’t got the proper ms though?! That’s my favourite… ignorance must be bliss x

Then there are the “specialists”.

A neurologist told me it couldn’t be MS because I was the wrong age.

He’s retired now, much to the relief of me and the whole MS community in this area.