Whats the deal with beans?

I’ve seen reference in various diets and comments on posts here that we should avoid legumes - chickpeas, beans etc Can anyone tell me why this is and whether they have experienced any effects? I use them all the time for casseroles, Tagines etc

Only thing i can think of is in the old rhyme

'beans beans good for your heart…

Jen x

Apart from the obvious!

its the best bet diet that says no legumes.

i tried the diet but ended up eating hardly anything and losing too much weight.

no dairy, no gluten, no legumes and a whole load of other things you cant eat.

good luck if you’re trying it

carole x

Hi - the thinking is that legumes contain lectins, which are a nasty enzyme that can cross the blood-brain barrier and cause more inflammation in the brain.

I don’t eat them, but I do occasionally make bhajis with chickpea flour. I have problems digesting legumes like lentils and split peas. They give me awful indigestion, so I don’t miss them. As with all issues to do with MS, there’ll be people who eat them and feel great and those who don’t. It’s a bit of a maze, MS and diet.

Some people respond really well to one of the diets (which ever one it is) and some don’t.

I hope this helps a bit!



Paleo diet says no legumes, sugar, dairy and grains. I have been on it for 18 months and love it. Overall health is definitely better and good to keep you lighter which helps me with leg pains a lot.

Hi Amylou,

Where do you get ur carbohydrates from plz?

this diet seems to ban them n we all need some carbs from what i know. so glad that it is working for you tho hun :slight_smile:


Anna x