What went on with my eyes today?

Hi everyone, I wonder if I could ask for your thoughts… I’m undiagnosed had 1 attack over a year ago. Whilst at work today, I was looking down at my keyboard which is black with White digits. When I was looking at the numbers I could see that the top part of the numbers I could see again, not all of the whole number just the top part of it, then in went away. What’s that all about?

Do you mean they were double? Double vision can be caused by MS, but it can also be caused by many other things non-MS too. I guess if it’s gone and you don’t notice it again pitch it up to one of those things but if you keep having issues I’d go to your GP and try and see a neuro-ophthalmologist soon in that case.

Good luck



I’m glad your eyes are back to normal. It is always frightening when something goes amiss with vision. Do you mean you could only see the top part of row of numbers, like the bottom half of the row of numbers was invisible to you while it lasted? Like a bit of your visual field went AWOL?

Whatever it felt like, it sounds very strange, and strange things with eyes need attention, even if it is an intermittent fault. I think you should report what happened to the GP. With a bit of luck, he/she will refer you to your local Opthalmology emergency outpatients, where they can have a good peer at what is going on and might want you to do a visual field test to check that out.

Please do report this, even though everything is fine now - you didn’t imagine this stuff!