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Hi everyone I had a catheter earlier this year the urologist told me I could have a supra pubic. Then asked if I had any scars on my stomach so I showed him my scar. He told me he will still do it but it will make the op more difficult and mentioned sepsis. That’s put me off a bit I was in I.C for 2 weeks with sepsis took so much blood from me my veins have gone into hiding the surgeon came everyday as often as he could to check I hadn’t been taken to the morgue. Do you think the change is worth it? I can’t make my mind up

i saw your post earlier and you still have no replies. try a new thread with the title “supra pubic catheter”. there are lots of people on here who have one.

To be honest, it really depends on why you might want a supra pubic catheter. If it’s because you are incontinent, it might be worth the risk. It really depends on how much of a risk it is, ie, how much scarring you have and for what reason (not asking for you to tell us).

If it’s because you can’t manage to do intermittent self catheterisation, but need to do it because of urine retention, again it will depend on risk versus benefit.

If you do have urine retention, and you’ve not tried ISC, I should try that first.

Personally, I do ISC. And have for about 7 years, apart from 6 months last year, when I had an SPC. The supra pubic wasn’t really for me because I had UTI followed by another, plus a separate wound infection. So when the surgeon said she could take it out, I said ‘yes please’. Never looked back.

If you are incontinent because of bladder spasms, then you could ask for bladder Botox. People with spasms causing incontinence often find their world changes with Botox.

If you have a bowel and bladder nurse, then try talking it over her/him. Often they are more useful than surgeons for thinking about you and your life. Surgeons think about surgical solutions and tend not to be so human!! (In my experience!)


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