What time do you generally "hit the wall"? - fatigue


While reviewing my MS diary for trends (poor memory write everything down) I noticed that I “hit the Wall” in respect to fatigue at between 11-11:30am most days this tends to last for 2-3hrs before lifting but leaves me drained and slow for the remainder of the day until bed, this becomes more excessive as the week progresses.

So I am wondering how does this effect you guys and also do you lovely folks have any tips in regards to managing this daily event?

Thank you



Hullo Allen,

I have had MS for 13+ years and honestly I can’t remember! I try to go to bed at roughly 10.30 p.m. but it depends what my wife is watching. I do ‘wake’ during the night ‘and I usually have some water to drink by my bedside’. If I do feel tired during the day then I have no option but to go to sleep - I don’t work now (not by choice!)- I’m 56. Ultimately I go to sleep when I am tired - no choice! That sounds quite restrictive but honestly it doesn’t really affect me and it must be what older people experience? I don’t know and I don’t really care!

Try and enjoy life - (as one who used to ‘win’ awards for my writing when I was younger, I can no longer write properly - thank goodness for the keyboard - although only one finger at a time!)


I get a couple of little hills in the day. My first is usually about 9 am (I’ve been up since 630) after I’ve got everyone to school breakfasted and washing on. I usually then sit down and rest for an hour (subject to rescuing a small person who keeps making her way upstairs, or stopping her getting into mischief). I then do something, take my little one to a group, or some shopping or a bit of house work. By the time we get back, usually about 12 I feed the little one and put her to bed and then have quiet time myself until I leave to collect the big ones from school at 230. By the time I’ve collected them I find I am running on empty but usually push myself to the limits trying to make sure they are sorted out (turning into mad shouty mummy along the way). I’m often asleep on the sofa by 730. Wake up to go to bed about 10, then often wake up from about 3, til about 5. I never feel fully rested.

on a good day i dont hit it at all but on a bad day its some where betwean waking and opening my eyes. And on days like that its the trend for the day.

I can get up at 7 am get my child off to school then between 8-30 am and 9 am I have hit the brick wall.


Thank you for your replies they are much appreciated :slight_smile: It’s very helpful for me to read and learn the sheer diversity of fatigue you guys live with…it blows my mind when I think it’s one element of MS! This is my first prolonged period of fatigue at this level and I have been craving infomation since my dx to better understand it. unfortunately books and so on have only given me generalised info. Thank you very much:-) Allen x

For me some days it can take a good couple of hours to actually “wake up”. Then around 12pm is usually my best time BUT when 3pm hits you could probably not understand a word I say as I slurr my speech i’m that tired.

Around 5-6pm I get a little better till bedtime which for me now is about 9pm

For the first time this week I had to go to bed at lunchtime as I couldnt keep my eyes open and I slept for two hours. Returned from a ten day holiday in Spain with family on Tuesday - NEVER AGAIN!!! It was a nightmare. Next year it will be just me, hubby and the kids. My legs are still sore and stiff and not sure if it’s stress or MS that’s causing it… sorry, rant over lol.

Usually I nosedive at about 11 and then I pick up a wee bit and then plummet to the depths after about half three after I’ve picked the kids up… which is why I try to get the best part of the dinner made at lunchtime so I get a whole two hours to sit down between 1 & 3 when my daughter is at nursery.

Hi Allen I normally hit the wall when I get up, then the wardrobe, sink, shower and finally the floor. As you may have guessed I have serious balance and gait probs. seriously about 15.00. After then I cant shave, tried it looked like mass murder, I struggle holding anything in my right hand. Mike

hi I hit the brick wall about 12.00pm you must rest or else you pay later;only people with ms understand what it is like.Then about tea time you just want to sleep again;fun nd games.

Late morning for me as well. I’m up at 6am with the kids and non stop until the eldest is at school at 9am, I can keep going for a bit but I could sleep from then!

[quote=“Mikep”] Hi Allen I normally hit the wall when I get up, then the wardrobe, sink, shower and finally the floor. As you may have guessed I have serious balance and gait probs. seriously about 15.00. After then I cant shave, tried it looked like mass murder, I struggle holding anything in my right hand. Mike [/quote] That made me smile Mikep My sister calls me the human pin ball when I bounce of walls. On a serious note I hit the wall anytime between 1.30 and 3ish. Mouth gos really dry for some odd reason, leg weakness increases. Brain starts farting. Then I just have to watch jezza Kyle and have a sleep. Ppx

i prefer to hit the sack allen, walls hurt way too much.

i drop early afternoon and my bed calls out to me. if im lucky i manage to get up again for a couple of hours, if not i stay there. fatigue is the worst part of ms for me.


Thank you all so much, You are all helping me to understand and being able to piece the various ups and downs together…which is such a relief :slight_smile: I have arranged an appointment with Occ health at work so hopefully I can sit or lay down in a quite room when it creeps up on me and maybe talk about reducing my day a little to see if I improve. Thank you, you are all wonderful :slight_smile: Allen x

P.s. I love your humour, a great pick me up on a harsh day :slight_smile:

I hit the wall all day every day. I think I’m becoming a wall

for me personally when i first get up which is generally between 5.30 am and 7.30am it takes me about 2 hours to come around, so if i try to do something in them first 2 hours I hit the wall and can do no more, I ache all over and have to sit down to recharge my batteries,

plus lately getting a shower really tells on my symptoms I generally get one at night as I dont want to feel any worse than I do in the morning.

Al x

Hello All,

As we all agree, there is nothing as totally exhausting as MS fatigue, and I very often get this, but one thing that perplexes me is that sometimes I seem to have an emense amount of energy, and I career around like a headless chicken - very odd. Yesterday was one of the chicken times, and I only got about three hours sleep at night too. The trouble is though of course, I certainly do pay for this later on.


Today was a very bad day for me. I didn’t wake up at all and have felt terrible all day. Burst into tears earlier as im so tired I can barely hold my head up. Not good with 2 kids to look after. I will be putting the little one to bed soon and going myself.

My poor husband has such a boring life with me

hi allen

get up at 7 with partner,after she gone to work have brekkie if upto it and little housework by 10 need rest go for walk if weather ok need rest again come 3 have to lie on bed mouth dry,aching,brain scrambled,come around by 6 food then tablets and hot milk sleep by 11,friday was first restless sleep had in 6month