What should I do?

Afternoon all

So I write this post very tentatively but only because I am so unsure about what to do, and sounding/looking like an idiot

Do I have MS…i guess is the ultimate question and I appreciate that is not something anyone but a Doctor can answer, but I thought I could come on here and maybe share my symptoms. I am fully aware that it could any number of things, knowledge is a bad thing sometimes (I am a nurse)

So I am a 43 year old female. I have been experiencing odd symptoms for over a year now, and its only recently when a colleague questioned my recent injury that it caused me to wonder

Just about a year ago I fell and fractured my ankle in 3 places. All I was doing at the time was stood watching a football match and I just lost my balance. They didn’t want to Dexa scan me, but would consider it if I suffered further fractures (fortunately I haven’t). Since then my balance has been terrible, I feel clumsy when I am walking, I constantly feel like I could trip over my own feet (and do!). I have pain in the backs of legs, left side worse, its like an intermittent stabbing pain. I also have a lot of pain in my big toes too. I get excruciating pain across my shoulders regularly

I suffer with the most horrendous fatigue. Its worse than tiredness, I physically cannot function some days, I go home from work and have to go to bed. So you can imagine my family are getting pretty fed up too. The fatigue comes in waves, some weeks it is worse than others

I get occasional tingling in fingers and hands and also my feet. This comes and goes, and usually is rectified if I rub the area or move around, not always though, but I am fully aware this could be a trapped nerve or something

I am also experiencing episodes of forgetfulness, and sometimes a total blank of events which occurred not that long ago.

At the time when I fractured my ankle I was particularly fatigued, and also was troubled with nocturia, some nights 4-5 times. Not easy when non weight bearing. I tested my urine at the time for infection and there were no signs of infection. What I experience now is a feeling of not completely emptying my bladder and nocturia

I also had an episode of palpatations approx 14 months ago, it was so bad I took myself to A&E, they could find nothing and it did settle eventually. Blood tests showed no concerns. I still suffer with palpatations now, I can be sat watching the TV and they can start. I felt a little fobbed off at the time by the doctor so I have never really got them checked out further

I very rarely go to the GP, usually for women’s things and with the kids. I am very conscious that I don’t want to waste professionals time, but the fatigue has been so bad recently I actually don’t know what to do

I’ve have advised people re this forum from a professional point of view, for people to reach out for support. So I thought I would take the leap and reach out myself, as I really don’t know what to do next

Thanks in advance

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As you say, if approached by someone else, you’d advise them to reach out for support.

If you reread your post as if it were written by someone else, what do you think you’d advise them to do?

I would suggest as you’ve mentioned in your last paragraph, seeing your GP is the first step. You’ve fairly succinctly explained what’s happened to you, if you do that with your GP, see what s/he thinks you should do. Maybe referral to a specialist, perhaps a neurologist?

As you said in your post, all we can do is empathise and suggest where you should look for help.

You’re not helping your family by silently worrying and not taking action. I think you know what you need to do already, so I’m not saying anything you don’t know.

All the best.


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i agree with sue, see your gp.

meanwhile you can self refer to the bladder and bowel clinic.

an easy fix compared to most problems.

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