what kind of ms

I havent been told or even knew till i started reading here there were different kinds so how do u know or how do the diagnose what kind of ms a person has.my dr told me to google ms.

Um. What kind of doctor is he?

Most people have RRMS (relapsing remitting). To the best of my knowledge, they can’t really identify it until you’ve had symptoms for a while. Do they come and go, or do they stay all the time and gradually get worse as time passes? With RRMS you have a lot of good days, but there may be things you can no longer do.

I have (or had) RRMS. I’d have random problems on a regular basis, but the life-altering episodes only occurred every few years. After 40 years, we think I might have progressed to SPMS (secondary progressive), which means that I no longer have the major bad spells but that my symptoms are always there and gradually getting worse.

mine started really from 2000 although a year before then i was having odd things. UTI especially. anyway i was told in 2016 i had progressive MS. PPMS was finally written on my paperwork.

when i read up about PPMS i get the diagnosis, as the from the start really in 2000 i never caught a break. blind 2000, and slow ongoing oddness lol. i had awful UTI put me in bed for weeks. a lot of weird mobility issues slowly worsening. 2006 blam i noticed i could barely walk round a car boot which was my favorite pass time. I1 September 2006 could get up or walk, my journey began in earnest. I had VEP test which proved i had ON bilaterally. MRI which over the years showed 3 different areas of lesions on spine. then 2015 late i had another VEP test which showed a lot more slowing with optic nerve etc, and i got my diagnosis.

i never really had a break. I would be okish one minute then walk across to the park with the dog and couldn’t get home because my legs seized up, but it was mostly waist down. I didn’t suddenly have to stay in bed for days or months. I could still function but slow. since 2017 loss of hubby then moving twice, now my progression is shifting up a gear. My mobility is getting worse.

I just don’t get a break at all now, no real quiet times, just wake up in pain and go to bed in pain. My day is shorter. to be honest if i didn’t have my dog i probably wouldn’t even bother getting up.

I can’t believe a doctor would tell you to goggle ms! Most doctors tell you to stay away from google.

Hello Destino

You really have drawn the short straw with neurologists. I agree completely with Deb, it’s irresponsible to tell a patient to Google MS. We tell people to avoid random Google searches because you really don’t know how reliable information is.

You generally can trust the information on this site (see the About MS tab at the top of this page), and the MS Trust pages (type search words - like ‘types of MS’ and MS Trust into your browser).

Meanwhile, start with these two pages: https://mstrust.org.uk/about-ms and https://mstrust.org.uk/about-ms/what-ms/types-ms

Do you have an MS nurse assigned to you? If not, try phoning your neurologists secretary and ask for the contact details. A good MS nurse is worth her weight in chocolate. They can give you information about MS, discuss drugs and therapies, talk about how you feel with the diagnosis, even give advice as to how you might transfer to a different neurologist.


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When I was diagnosed it was after an MRI scan and by a Neurrologist at a hospital which he told me was RRMS after many years it progressed to SPMS my GP is good but knows hardly anything about Neurological conditions.

So my advice see a neurologist.