What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

With PPMS, my first symptom was memory loss, way before dx of MS. My concentration became weaker, attention began to wane. Nowadays, these things have escalated. Everything takes ages…even getting out of the bath takes 10 minutes…just getting out of the bath! I forget everything I’ve read, heard, done, bought very quickly. This creates many problems for other people as they constantly repeat they told me, took me, saw me. I’m still reading a book I downloaded last year…having to go back several chapters every time. I don’t mine, because it’s like reading a new book.

Now I used incorrect words, names and places…I told my sister something our brother did…but I meant my boss. Things like this lead to all sorts of problems.

A few years ago, I took a test with a neuro psychologist, it took hours. When I had a copy of her report it was full of inaccuracies and I was disgusted with her inability to do her job. It was before MS dx.

I’ve read and heard about CBT but no-one has explained exactly what it is, does anyone have any ideas?

Hello Chrissie.

I have a friend who was a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist working with dysfunctional teenagers in a secondary school. I think it’s about setting patterns of responsive behaviour.

I have found this summary from Anxiety UK:

" This takes place with a psychologist usually in a clinical setting (e.g. hospital) although it is typically carried on an out-patient basis. CBT involves looking at your problems, examining thought and behaviour patterns, and working out ways of changing negative behaviours/thoughts. Most people seeking this type of therapy will be given a set number of sessions, usually 6-12, each session lasting approx. 50 minutes. Therapists often set clients “homework” to do in between sessions which may include carrying out activities such as monitoring thoughts and feelings throughout the week and entering these into a thought diary."

I hope you find some respite from your troubles. Big hugs. ((((((((((((((((((!))))))))))))))))))


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CBT? There’s a lot of it about.
Some is good - some is little better than snake oil.

I have one in mind, that sells very well to HR Departments, that used the slogan: “Your brain is not broken and we will show you how to fix it”

Like Steve says, it is about refocussing your mind from negative to positive or changing your personal behaviour.
Keeping diaries, making lists, recording your own thoughts, all contribute to redirecting your own mind.
It is not the rainbows and unicorns type of “positive thinking”, but more a case of you coming to a clear decision that you can carry out one task you have been putting off for weeks, doing it, and then feeling good in yourself - then moving on to something else.

The only problem is that the good and the bad both work, but you may not find out what harm the bad has done for some time.
But there is money in it - particularly for people who have not been trained as psychologists.


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Chrissie many people you speak to on here will tell you that their short term memories are affected and forgetting people’s names, losing words or not knowing what day it is etc is very common. We cheerfully refer to it as brain fog but at times it is very upsetting or frustrating. I tend to watch films or tv programs over again as I forget them and reading books has become a test so I tend to only read short books with few characters and thin plots so I can finish them.

If you’re considering going for CBT please make sure you go to a qualified health care professional. As Dr Geoff said there are people out there with no ability just making money for doing little. I had CBT after an abusive relationship left me determined that suicide was the only solution to my life and it was very effective.

The psychologist I saw was very good, it was done on the nhs and I ended up with more confidence than I had prior to even meeting my ex partner. She worked with me so I started sleeping again, I went back to nursing and she made me realise just how much good I was capable of doing.

Every challenge or bit of homework she set me was fulfilling a goal or correcting an aspect of my life I wasn’t managing with. Silly little things like making someone smile gave me purpose and I still think of her on days when I’m good for very little, just giving someone a ring and letting them know you care is an achievement.

Hope this helps a little.

Cath x


Thanks so much for your lovely and explanatory posts and links. I’ll see if my ms nurse agrees and she might recommend or refer me to a qualified psychologist.

Min, it seems like cbt was great for you and you responded well. This is lovely to read about, and I’m glad you’re out of an abusive relationship. When someone stole your confidence and you considered suicide, even better to respond well and find your fight back. Good luck to you x.