What does spasitcity /stiffness in the arm feel like?

Hello! I’ve recently got this strange feeling in the arm, I cant really describe it properly. But as its developed more and more it feels like stiffness??

I feel it when I write , my arm feels abit stiff, I can’t really write much now without my arm and arm getting so so incredibly tired after 2 paragraphs.Luckily I can type!

Is that what MS stiffness is? painkillers heat creams dont fix it

I found it weird because all my numbness is on the left side of the body. So it was strange getting a right hand side symptom ( i do get a right side eye twitch to when im tired)

Please reply

hi cosine

spasticity feels like you have iron rods in your limbs and makes you walk like a robot.

well that’s my interpretation.

do you get spasms?

there are a range of neuropathic painkillers but you could do with asking your ms nurse which ones. he/she will then write to your gp who will thn be able to prescribe them.

gps are reluctant to prescribe without neuro or ms nurse advising.

good luck

carole x

Spacticity is described as the condition where one group of muscles contract and lock a limb in one position.
When it starts, you can move that limb - but with some difficulty.

There is also a condition called waxy spasticity, where another person can move the limb (say, bend an arm at the elbow) and it stays moved.
This can also be a feature of some mental health conditions.
I have not heard of this in connection with MS - but remember we are all different, and so is our MS.


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Hmmm. All new ones on me!

I thought spasticity was muscular resistance to movement - specifically, resistance that increases proportionally to how fast you try to move.

So you might be able to execute a movement slowly, but if you try to do the same thing suddenly, the muscle will resist it.

I’ve always considered that I have spasticity, but perhaps I’ve been wrong all these years, as it has never manifested as limbs locking into position. I do get the latter occasionally, as part of very severe cramps, which typically begin in a foot, then shoot all the way to the groin, immobilising the entire leg.

Whilst I know that cramp and spasticity are all related (and I take Baclofen for both), I’ve always regarded them as two different things.

The spasticity, unlike the cramp, is with me all the time, and manifests itself as abnormally high resting muscle tone (my calves look like I work out - a lot - and they got that way all by themselves, post 40!), with pain, stiffness, and resistance to movement. I can actually feel the abnormal tone of the muscles too - i.e. if I massage them, they are very dense and rock-like - not much suppleness. They look really cool, but work really terribly - appearances can be deceptive!


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I don’t have an MS diagnosis but am seeing a neurologist in abit over a month…so waiting.

My arm feels like its the muscles have gone really hard. So when i move i can feel the strain on the muscles , but i think its only a small group of muscles because i only have problems with fine movement. Like writing and moving the mouse. But not typing because im not moving the arm much then, i mostly moving the fingers which are fine thank God!